LightSAFE - LightWELD

207 Bates Amasa Road
Iron River,  MI  49935

United States
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  • LightSAFE for LightWELD - Laser Welding Enclosure
    LightSAFE for IPG LightWELD creates a light tight enclosure for laser welding aluminum, SS, steel, titanium, brass and other metals. Laser welding reduces distortion, splatter, and is much easier to learn and use than TIG or MIG welding....

  • The LightSAFE® Light Tight Welding Enclosure is designed to be used with the IPG LightWELD® hand held laser welder. The LightWELD® will weld Aluminum, SS, Steel, Titanium, Brass, and many other metals with minimal heat distortion and nearly splatter free welding. Easy to learn and use the LightWELD® can do both Fusion and Wire welding. LightSAFE® provides a Ansi certified LSA area for laser welding and features door interlocks, glide bearings for easy movement in the shop, and modular construction. Optional gas manifold for hook up to bulk nitrogen (superior to Argon for welding SS) the LightSAFE® includes a shelf for the LightWELD® and Wire feed, Beam Blocker Panel, and fully opening doors. Optional height to 12 ft + and openings to 10 ft allow easy access.  For installations requiring a roof this can also be added along with lighting, internet hook up, and video monitor systems. The LightSAFE® can be expanded as additional LightWELD® stations are added, and a split cabin design is available. Flexible layouts include corner layout (2 walls), wall layouts (3 walls) and island layouts (4 walls). The LightSAFE® is Laser Safety Officer approved windows that are fiber light safe.

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