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BLM GROUP is a global leader in tube and sheet metal processing solutions. Its product line includes laser tube and flat sheet cutting, cold sawing, bending, end-forming, end-machining and wire bending machines. The company has more than 60 years of experience and thousands of applications in the development of tube and sheet metal fabrication equipment. With headquarters in Italy, the BLM GROUP USA, in Novi, Michigan, provides tube processing solutions, equipment demonstrations, service and parts support, application development, and training to the United States and Canada.

 Press Releases

  • BLM GROUP USA will demonstrate its LS5 aflat sheet laser cutter with the new option of a 12kW fiber laser source at FABTECH 2021. These machines can cut steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, brass, and aluminum sheets in thicknesses from .039” to 1.37”, depending upon the material. Users can specify the power level, from 2kW – 12 kW, that is best suited for their needs. With simultaneous axis speed up to 196 m/min and swift acceleration paired with a rigid mechanical structure, these systems deliver excellent cutting performance and accuracy. 

    The LS5, as well as the LC5, are available in bed sizes of 10’ x 5’, 13’ x 6.5’, and 20’ x 6.5’, all equipped with dual shelves and automatic loading/unloading and changeover. Depending upon floor space and production flow requirements, users can choose either a longitudinal or transversal configuration.

    The ergonomic design enables convenient access to the production area with large front door openings. And, the operator panel can be swiveled and moved along the front side of the machine for optimal viewing of the cutting process in all conditions.

    Add Tube Cutting Capability
    The LC5 is a unique laser system that can also accommodate a tube processing module with the sheet and tube functioning autonomously, just sharing the cutting head. The tube processing module, capable of working with tubes up to 120mm, has its own operator panel, which controls the entire system during tube processing. Two panels mean very simple management from the system point of view and extremely fast change over from one job to the other.

    As with all BLM GROUP equipment, the LS5 and LC5 are designed for ease of use. The machine’s CNC contains instruction manuals, maintenance tutorials, exploded drawings to identify spare parts, and video guides for ‘how to use’ tutorials.

    For more information,  visit

  • BLM GROUP will be introducing its new line of press brakes at FABTECH 2021. The new ProBend press brakes are available in the patented all-electric E-Series or the hybrid H-Series version. The ProBend E-Series is available in sizes from 44 – 276 ton models capable of handling bending lengths of 4’ – 17’.  The ProBend H-Series is available in sizes from 44 – 660 ton models capable of handling bending lengths of 4’ – 20’. These high-precision press brakes offer reliability, high productivity, and are a perfect complement to the company’s LS5 flat sheet lasers.

    E-Series: The innovative direct-drive design of this electric press brake has the ball screw directly connected to the torque motor, eliminating gear boxes and belts for fewer moving components. This precision Y1/Y2 press brake with positioning and repeatability of ±0.0001" is energy efficient, provides noise and maintenance-free operation as well as extremely fast approach, bending and ram return speeds. The E-Series comes standard with a substantial amount of stroke and open height compared to industry standards, benefitting deep box or special forming needs. Built for optimum accuracy and high speeds on all 6-axes, the E-Series’ CNC-controlled backgauge meets the demands of the most complex sheet metal applications for high-production manufacturing.

    H-Series: As compared to traditional technology, the BLM ProBend Hybrid H-Series reduces energy demand by 35% while providing greater ram speed performance and an Y1/Y2 accuracy of ±0.0004".  Additionally, it maintains a stable hydraulic fluid temperature that results in more consistent bending performance.  It can be equipped with up to a 6-Axis backgauge for processing the toughest applications.

    All systems come with a state-of-the-art 21.5” touchscreen console, enabling graphical or direct mode programming directly on the machine or offline. The console includes integrated views for various OLP software applications. The software automatically generates the part program from the imported CAD model and calculates the optimal bend sequence, stop positions, and tooling set-up.  A complete bending simulation, with automatic validations and checks, allows the user to verify the entire bending cycle and begin producing parts, correctly, from the start.

    Packing a BLM ProBend press brake with the BLM LS5 flat sheet laser gives you the ability to streamline your offline programming process saving you both time and money.

    For more information on the new ProBend press brakes, visit

  • Capable of processing tubes up to 6” in diameter, the all-electric Elect 150 lets fabricators choose the bending direction they use most– right- or left-handed. With multiple tool stack capability, ELECT benders produce fixed and variable radii in a single setup. Electric operation eliminates the need for hose and piping associated with hydraulic machines, simplifying maintenance and improving reliability for more consistent bending. System flexibility enables the Elect to combine with other BLM GROUP technologies for improved productivity.

    The ELECT multiple tool stack capability can accommodate up to eight tools of variable radius at the same time. Both automatic or manual loading is available with the ability to position the automatic loader to the left or right of the machine. Additionally, a special loading cycle is available for heavy tube or multi-ball mandrels. The BLM ELECT tube benders can incorporate automatic tube bundle loading and a handling robot for a complete turnkey solution that manages the entire tube loading and unloading sequence.

    A key benefit of BLM GROUP benders is the associated software, which eliminates trial and error programming for mistake-free production right from the start. This ease of use eliminates the need for highly trained and skilled operators, while achieving quick production changeover and less waste.

    For more information on the ELECT series electric tube benders, please visit ELECT - all-electric left-handed or right-handed CNC tube bending machine (

  • In booth #A2935 at FABTECH 2021, BLM GROUP will demonstrate the LT-FREE Hi-Flex 5-axis Laser Cutting System for laser cutting bent and hydroformed tubes, flat and deep-drawn sheets, and welded assemblies. This setup provide added flexibility supplied by robot manipulation and flexible tooling that eliminates the need for prototype fixturing. There are two processing chambers served by one robot and laser.  The system will be providing processing demonstrations of:

    1. Stovetop
    2. 1.75” bent tube (coming from the company’s E-TURN52 bender) used to produce exhaust header components
    3. 6” Bent tube produced on ELECT150 showing an example of commercial vehicle exhaust

    The LT-FREE, available with fiber laser power up to 3kW, is ideal for machining mild steel, copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and galvanized steel.  There are no limits to part access; trimming and feature cutting can be achieved right on the bend accurately and repeatably.

    Efficient and easy to operate, users just select material type and thickness from the intuitive controller, and the machine will automatically set all of the cutting parameters and the optimal focus position. Traditional cutting, drilling, punching, milling and deburring operations, which are normally carried out in sequence, can now be performed on a single machine. This eliminates set up and “work-in-progress” inventory, as well as reducing material handling to streamline the entire process.

    Different material handling configurations are offered to meet specific production needs, while always guaranteeing the flexibility and productivity typical of this 5-axis laser cutting system.

    The system is equipped with a user-friendly CAD/CAM software to create part programs of any complexity in a simple 3D graphical environment.


  • LT8.20 5kW Fiber Lasertube
    Our newest LT8.20 3D Lasertube has been updated with advanced features and options, including: Drill and Tap, Enhanced I-Beam Cutting Capabilities, High Pressure Dry Air Cutting, Sensorized Head Monitoring & 5kW fiber – A lasertube industry first! ...

  • Our newest LT8.20 3D Lasertube has been updated with advanced features and options, including:
    Drill and Tap 
    5kW fiber – A lasertube industry first!
    Enhanced I-Beam Cutting Capabilities
    High Pressure Dry Air Cutting
    Sensorized Head Monitoring

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