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Since its foundation, WeldObot has been developing and marketing a wide variety of innovative welding applications. 

The SuperMIG® patented hybrid plasma-GMAW welding system combines a powerful plasma arc with GMAW in one torch providing users a full welding solution for a number of joint configurations and applications. A magnetic field transverse to the plasma arc provides arc stability allowing the two processes to work together for maximum efficiency.

Main benefits of the technology are deeper penetration in a single pass (using the power of the plasma arc), reduction of joint preparation (excellent results can be achieved with no or minimum bevel), reduction of number of passes, consequent reduction of filler metal consumption, reduced distortion and overall significant increase in productivity. 

The main markets to benefit from the SuperMIG® innovative technology include robotic and mechanized welding stations where automation has become a pre-requisite for its economic success. These include carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum for a variety of applications where major improvements in welding throughput are sought.

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