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TRUMPF is the world market leader in sheet metal fabrication equipment and industrial laser technology.

Products manufactured with the company’s technology can be found in almost every sector of industry. 

TRUMPF Inc. is the largest subsidiary of the TRUMPF Group and is dedicated to serving the U.S., Canadian and Mexican markets. Additional company information is available at:  


  • TruArc Weld 1000
    Quick programming, reliable welding: the TruArc Weld 1000 has the complete package for getting started with automated arc welding even with low production quantities...

  • TRUMPF has released its first automated arc welding system that makes adopting automated welding easier than ever. The TruArc Weld 1000 comes with a collaborative robot known as a “cobot” that assists in the creation of the program, rather than relying on values from an offline source or entering positioning data into a control. After the operator manually guides the cobot over a part, it automatically creates the weld program. The remarkably easy programming enables fabricators to utilize robotic welding, even with a lot size of one. CE-compliant and approved by TÜV Austria, the TruArc Weld 1000 meets the very highest safety standards.

    Faster and easier programming

    Unlike conventional industrial robots, operators can interact with the cobot, guiding it over the part manually. A built-in sensor ensures a smooth response from the cobot. Equipped with an operating unit, the cobot allows users to store the weld path’s start and end points as well as intermediate points in order to create the program. Furthermore, the cobot control system includes templates for welding programs and parameters that cover scenarios such as different sheet thicknesses. Combined with the operating unit on the welding torch, this simplifies the task of programming the cobot. It also enables efficient and fast programming and welding with the TruArc Weld 1000.

    Small batches, great results

    The TruArc Weld 1000 offers an automated alternative for many parts that users would normally weld manually and produces a high-quality weld seam. Thanks to the rapid programming, fabricators have an affordable means of tackling short production runs and single-part runs even if the parts only require a short weld seam.

    Simultaneous setup and welding

    Inside the TruArc Weld 1000 is a partition that can be moved up and down. This allows users to divide up the working area and choose between welding one large part (single-station operation) or several smaller ones (two-station operation). In single-station operation, the cobot can weld parts measuring up to 80 x 24 x 24 inches. Other ratios of width to length are also possible depending on part dimensions. In two-station operation, the TruArc Weld 1000 can process smaller parts measuring up to 24 x 24 x 24 inches. To ensure it can easily reach both stations, the cobot travels between two stations along a linear axis. While the cobot is performing welding on one side, the operator can use the time to set up a part on the other side. The cobot program can also be transferred automatically from one station to the other.

    Ready to go with no training required

    No previous experience is required to operate this system. Customers can carry out commissioning of the CE-compliant TruArc Weld 1000 themselves within a few hours using dedicated video tutorials that contain all the information required to quickly learn how to operate and program the machine outside of a classroom. From the wire coil to the welding parameters, the system comes with everything you need to get started with the welding process.

  • TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber
    Packed with optimized features such as BevelCut, RapidCut, a maximum load weight of 18lbs per foot and a solid-state 4 kW laser, TRUMPF’s new TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber can handle a wide range of materials, from mild, stainless steel to non-ferrous metals....

  • Packed with optimized features, the new laser tube cutting machine gets the job done faster and tackles larger and heavier tubes than its predecessor. Users will continue to enjoy the benefits of solid-state laser technology, process integration and easy machine accessibility.

    A machine that does almost everything automatically

    Tube supports keep tubes in place during machining to ensure high-quality results. The new machine also features step rollers to automatically adapt the machine to the current tube diameter. When switching between materials, the only step that still has to be performed manually in the clamping area is changing the nozzle. Everything else is handled by the machine automatically. This increases productive time and makes it easier to process small batch sizes.

    A system that can tackle almost anything

    Thanks to its solid-state laser, the TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber can handle a wide range of materials, from mild steel and stainless steel to non-ferrous metals. TRUMPF has increased the maximum loading weight to 18 lbs per foot and boosted the laser power from three to four kilowatts, allowing the new machine to cut even heavier, thicker-walled tubes than before. The TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber also offers the option to cater to larger outer circle diameters. Users can now process square tubes with a side length of up to 5 inches and cut rectangular tubes up to an outer circle diameter of 7 inches.

    Tube cutting with higher productivity

    The tried-and-tested RapidCut feature synchronizes the movements of the tube axis and cutting head. This achieves a fourfold increase in machine dynamics when cutting small contours. The latest generation of this machine also features optimized processes and offers more powerful solid-state lasers, leading to significant gains in speed and productivity. Users that choose the new TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber will also benefit from various options to integrate further processes in the machine, including a technology package that allows users to carry out thread tapping on the same machine. This makes production even more efficient.

  • TruMatic 3000 fiber
    The TruMatic 3000 fiber is the first combined punch-laser machine from TRUMPF to feature a control panel with a Touchpoint interface. This machine also pairs a “flying” delta-drive punching head featuring all-tool rotation with a 3-kilowatt TruDisk laser....

  • The new TruMatic 3000 fiber is the first combined punch-laser machine from TRUMPF to feature a control panel with a Touchpoint interface, making tool management easier than ever before. This machine also pairs a “flying” delta-drive punching head featuring all-tool rotation with a 3-kilowatt TruDisk laser. Together they perform an unparalleled range of processes from punching and forming to tapping and laser cutting, reducing handling and eliminating secondary operations. Presented for the first time at FABTECH, the TruMatic 3000 fiber with a working area of 60”x120” will also be equipped with TRUMPF’s SheetMaster Compact automation, which offers the ability to load and unload full sheets.

  • TruLaser 5030 fiber
    The TruLaser 5030 fiber 12kW impresses with its high processing speed and reproducible, high part quality – even for complex contours. Smart features make the complete cutting process more productive and more reliable than ever....

  • The new TruLaser Series 5000 12kW

    Machine tool manufacturer TRUMPF has equipped its latest TruLaser Series 5000 laser cutting machines with a TruDisk 12001 solid-state laser which offers 12-kilowatts of laser power. The new machines also come with intelligent assistance systems that increase feed rates for low to high sheet thicknesses by up to 25 percent compared to conventional laser machines with a 10-kilowatt laser. The higher feed rates result in higher throughput and because of that, these new machines can handle up to 20 percent more sheets per hour. The latest TruLaser Series 5000 machines also come with features such as Active Speed Control and BrightLine Fiber, which lead to more reliable processes and higher-quality parts in both flame and fusion cutting.

    Machine productivity makes the difference

    It is not uncommon for problems to arise that slow down or stop the production process, especially when cutting thick mild steel. There are plenty of factors that might bring the cutting process to a halt, including dirty sheet surfaces, low-quality materials and variations in thickness between different sheets. This can lead to wasted time and materials. TRUMPF’s intelligent assistance systems can prevent those problems from occurring.

    TRUMPF’s Active Speed Control is the first step on the road to autonomous laser cutting. Machines equipped with this cutting sensor system can automatically control and monitor the cutting process in real time accommodating for when there are variations in material quality.  Another helpful feature for cutting thick material is the CoolLine nozzle, which sprays water onto the workpiece around the laser beam to cool the metal and prevent heat from building up and negatively affecting the quality of the cut. With the BrightLine fiber function, users can cut thick sheet material with a large focal diameter. This leads to a wider kerf and improves the quality of the cut edge. TRUMPF’s Smart Nozzle Automation makes life easier for operators by assisting with reliable, burr-free cutting. The system switches to the right nozzle and checks it for wear even in fully automated operation.

    The smart way to increase throughput

    All in all, the TruLaser Series 5000 12-kilowatt sets new standards of productivity, efficiency and reliability. It is the perfect choice for customers who need a reliable process for cutting thin to thick sheets and prefer to take a smart approach to increasing throughput.
  • TruBend 5170
    The TruBend 5170 will be equipped with TRUMPF's newest generation ToolMaster which minimizes changeover time, increases productivity and lowers cost per part. It can also automatically load standard, ACB Wireless, and custom tooling....

  • High axis speeds and acceleration rates combined with innovative operating aids lead to unparalleled productivity with the TruBend Series 5000. These highly productive, universal machines from TRUMPF come equipped with an On-Demand Servo Drive with 4-cylinder drive technology. The Servo Drive is highly dynamic, extremely quiet in operation, and delivers significantly more productivity compared to a conventional drive. It is also eco-friendly as it consumes energy only during the bending process.

    Measuring systems for precise angles

    Since precise angles are the most crucial part of bending quality, TRUMPF offers an assortment of smart features for maximum precision. The TruBend Series 5000 features two innovative angle measuring systems. Automatically Controlled Bending (ACB) takes measurements through sensors integrated into the upper tool, while the ACB Laser system measures the bending angle through a contactless optical process, and is therefore compatible with any tooling. These measuring systems complement one another perfectly. When bending short sides, reflective surfaces, or when multi-point measurement is required, the established ACB is the obvious solution. The ACB Laser system is especially useful when processing acute and open angles, as well as thick sheet metal. This system projects a laser line onto the sheet and measures the angle with a camera for maximum precision.

    Machine control

    The entire bending process is facilitated by the Touchpoint TruBend control concept. This intuitive interface features exceptionally realistic 3D visualization and a multi-touch screen which responds to the operators touch even when work gloves are worn. Collision monitoring is also available with the 3D visualization system. The MobileControl Pro can be positioned conveniently along the press beam so the operator can complete the bending process without having to revisit the control. A 3.2‑inch color display enables them to input all the directions they might need for the bending process while standing directly at the machine, including instructions to switch to the next/previous bending step or to correct the angle and axis positions.

    Productive bending thanks to automatic tool changes

    At FABTECH the TruBend 5170 will be equipped with the newest generation ToolMaster for automatic tool changes in seconds. The new generation continues to minimize changeover time, increase productivity and lower cost per part. It also has an increased storage capacity of 213 feet and can automatically load standard, ACB Wireless, and custom tooling.

  • TruBend 7050
    The TruBend 7050 bends with a press force of 55 tons and has a bending length of 60 inches. The ergonomic high-speed machine’s 6-axis backgauge guarantees exact positioning of components with remarkable precision....

  • The TruBend 7050 bends with an increased press force of 55 tons and has a bending length of 60 inches. The machine is also equipped with a new system control and ergonomic features.

    Fast and precise

    A six-axes backgauge helps the operator position components with remarkable precision. The gauge fingers move very fast, traveling 60 inches per second along the X axis and 87 inches per second along the Z axis. This new generation of TruBend Series 7000 machines comes with TRUMPF’s ACB Wireless angle measuring system. Little metal contact plates at the bottom of the sensor tools send a signal to the machine when they touch the sheet metal. The TruBend Series 7000 uses these signals to calculate the bending angle.

    Focus on the operator

    A new control panel simplifies programming on the shop floor. The streamlined views present just the essentials so users can quickly find the right screen for entering data. The operator does not need a mouse or keyboard to use the controller’s touchpad and can even operate with work gloves on. The machine may be fitted with another screen alongside the existing control on the press beam, for example, to display part diagrams. The operator has another quick-and-easy option for sending simple commands to the machine – the MobileControl module. This remote-control unit may be mounted on a special rail above the tools. Additionally, a stool, a table to support the arms, a shelf for documents and a footrest keeps the operator comfortable while minimizing fatigue.

    Convenient tool handling

    An LED strip on the upper tool clamp indicates where the operator must set up tools and, while forming, where the next bend will be. The TruBend 7050 also features pull out tool storage drawers within arm’s reach of operation. Up to 50 feet worth of bending tools slide out on telescopic rails, making them quickly and easily accessible for operators. A shelf for ergonomic part staging and stacking is also close at hand.

    Small and compact

    These next-generation TruBend Series 7000 models have optimized footprints, requiring minimal space to install. The TruBend 7050 is 140 inches x 70 inches and can be hauled by forklift. A roller gate for servicing and maintaining the machine is another space-saving feature.

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