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  • PML Electroplaning™ System
    The Powder Motion Labs Electroplaning™ System is a new, patent-pending, non-contact powder bed leveling system for Laser Powder Bed Fusion, Binder Jetting, and many other manufacturing processes where leveling a powder bed without contacting it is useful....

  • The Electroplaning™ System can perfectly level a bed of powder, even in the presence of a warped part or contamination. This means no worn blades/recoaters and no failed prints due to a conventional mechanical recoater destroying the print. The Electroplaning™ System uses a patent-pending non-contact electrostatic method to level a powder bed. It does not require gas flow or vacuum, and has minimal power and control interface requirements. In addition, the system can be easily integrated into existing additive manufacturing systems and processes.


    •  Levels AND compacts a bed of powder
    •  As precise or more precise than conventional levelers
    •  Non-contact operation
    •  No gas flow or vacuum required
    •  Very low power requirements (a few watts)
    •  Can be easily integrated into existing additive manufacturing systems
    •  Scalable from small to very large powder beds

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