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Cavitar presents - Value in sight

We at Cavitar are here to bring you Value in sight with our laser-based illumination systems and welding cameras that reveal your application and processes with higher clarity and greater details than you have seen before.

Our Cavitar Welding Cameras are compact, robust, plug &play solutions for real-time visual inspection and monitoring of all welding processes, without the brightness of the welding arc. These cameras are designed to address the needs in both industry and in welders’ education. They allow better process monitoring and understanding as well as early detection and quick responding to possible defects in the welding process.

Our CAVILUX laser illumination is the high-performance lighting technology for demanding high-speed imaging and machine vision applications in various industrial processes and in R&D. These versatile laser systems are used all over the world by researchers in universities and R&D centers for the study of different applications like welding, shockwaves, flow and spray studies or additive manufacturing, just to name a few.

CAVILUX products provide high-power laser illumination with pulses as short as 10 ns, enabling ultra-high-speed imaging up to 10 million frames per second. The possibility to couple the light into a fiber enables a wide variety of unique optical solutions for illumination as well as access to very challenging industrial environments with limited space.

With our turnkey Schlieren imaging solutions you can literally see the invisible. Visualize and study the protective gas flows in your welding process, temperature gradients in heating processes or the phase differences resulting from gas flow and mixing of liquids. We can provide you with the whole Schlieren imaging set-up table accompanied by our visualization technology – CAVILUX or Cavitar Welding Camera, depending on your application requirements.

Our technology and products are designed, developed and manufactured following the highest quality standards in Tampere, the laser capital of Finland.

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Welcome to the Invisible World of Cavitar
See Through Heat and Brightness with Cavitar Welding Camera and CAVILUX

 Press Releases

  • Utilization of welding cameras is becoming more and more common monitoring method of welding processes. Traditionally weld quality has been tested by means of various post-weld inspection methods such as NDT, topography sensors, visual inspection by a qualified weld inspector or even by destroying a selection of completed welds. However, by the time of detection, possible welding defects have already happened and will lead to time consuming and costly, if not impossible, repairs.

    Camera for demanding welding processes

    Cavitar Ltd has developed a welding camera for acquiring high-quality images of various arc welding processes. Cavitar Welding Camera C300 is small and robust and built to withstand harsh industrial environments. It has been developed and designed to address the needs in industry as well as in welders’ education in order to provide a detailed view to the welding process, while at the same time improving welders’ safety.

    Increased efficiency and reduced scrap

    Using a welding camera for the visual inspection and monitoring during the welding allows for the detection of problems and defects early on and increases the speed of troubleshooting. One typical way to use the camera is to see if the welding torch is properly aligned with the gap. In addition, it is possible to observe melt pool characteristics, which can indicate defects like inclusions. Once a problem is detected, the process can be immediately and remotely realigned. This leads to less scrap and higher yield because flaws can be noticed at an early stage. Therefore, downtime or lost production time due to repairs is minimized. Furthermore, by studying and recording welds and welding parameters, the same high-quality process can be produced repeatedly, thus giving high consistency from batch to batch.

    Improved ergonomics and safety

    Manual seam tracking has traditionally been done by eye observation through a welding helmet at the vicinity of the welding process. Especially in difficult to access places the welder can easily be exposed to heat and toxic fumes. The use of Cavitar Welding Camera C300 enables remote monitoring of the welding process and thus enhances work safety and improves employee ergonomics.

    Enabling process automation

    The high quality images generated by Cavitar Welding Camera C300 are ideal for image processing. This enables e.g. automatic seam tracking applications and early detection of welding defects. Cavitar is working on analytics and customers are welcome to get in contact with Cavitar to discuss their requirements. Cavitar is also developing IOT platforms enabling remote access and is looking for pilot customers willing to test the system.
    Technical specifications
    Size 30 x 45 x 99 mm
    Weight 300 g
    Resolution 1440 x 1080 pxl
    Field of view 42 x 32 x 33 @ 200 mm working distance
    Frame rate 70 fps (up to 500 fps with reduced resolution)
    Specialty Active laser illumination, laser class 3 R
    Cooling Possibility for air and liquid cooling

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  • Cavitar Welding Camera
    Cavitar Welding Cameras revolutionize the world of welding by revealing the core of the process with unprecedented level of details....

  • There is Value in sight Cavitar revolutionizes the world of welding by offering live videos of welding with ultimate clarity and sharpness over the whole process area.

    Core of the welding process emits very bright light which “blinds” the eye as well as traditional camera systems. Without special visualization techniques, proper visual monitoring of a welding process is impossible.

    Cavitar Welding Cameras enable the clear visualization of welding processes through the blinding arc by using a unique combination of active laser illumination and custom optics built-in a compact and robust camera head.

    Welders can now monitor and adjust their process in real-time, as well as store videos for quality control purposes and product traceability.

    For mechanized and robotized welding processes, Cavitar cameras also enable the development of real-time image analysis algorithms (eg: seam tracking) and automation.

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  • Cavitar Schlieren Imaging Solution
    The Cavitar Schlieren Imaging Solution is a flexible turnkey system designed to be up and ready in minutes with minor adjustments to save your valuable time and resources. ...

  • Schlieren imaging is designed to visualize small changes in the refractive index of any transparent media such as air.

    When a beam of light passes through a refractive index gradient, it bents or refracts but is invisible to the naked eye. By using suitable imaging methods, such as Schlieren , these deflected rays can be visualized by a normal camera.

    In the welding domain, Schlieren imaging can be used e.g. to monitor the protection gas in laser welding process.

    Combining Schlieren imaging and Cavitar's CAVILUX laser illumination opens
    additional possibilities such as improved accuracy, freezing of any terrestrial motion, and benefiting from polarized light.

    Cavitar Z-Type Schlieren system is a turnkey complete solution designed to be up and ready in minutes with minor adjustments to save your valuable time and resources. 

    Some of the benefits of the Cavitar Schlieren system include clear live views of bright welding processes, optimization of shielding gas flow, simultaneous visualization of molten material, adjustment of sensitivity and direction, and compatibility with different cameras.

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