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Utilizing over 59 years of experience, T. J. Snow Company is the full-service leader in the resistance welding industry, providing the most comprehensive and competitive inventory of New and Used Resistance Welding MachineryResistance Welding Parts and SuppliesIndustrial Water Chillers and Industrial Spring Balancers in the country. T. J. Snow is also the industry leader Resistance Welding service, consulting and training.

In addition to standard options such as Slim Line Pedestal-type Spot & Projection Welders, Heavy Duty Projection and Spot Welders and Standard Multi-Gun Equipment, we also offer custom Multi-Gun Welders and Turnkey Robotics Systems. We are also more than excited to lead the industry in CD (Capacitor Discharge) welding

With the most diversified inventory of Resistance Welding Equipment and Supplies in the country, experienced service department, and the ability to make emergency service calls, T. J. Snow provides the sudden service your production depends on.

Visit us at booth C12449 or e-mail us to get started.   

 Press Releases

  • CHATTANOOGA, TN. April 28, 2022 – T. J. Snow Company of Chattanooga, Tennessee, was recently chosen to receive a 2022 Safety Award of Honor from the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA) and was selected as the Rusty Demeules Award Recipient, the highest level of honor in the FMA Safety Awards program. Open to all FMA company members, the FMA/CNA Annual Safety Awards recognize metal fabrication companies that adhere to excellence in safety. The awards are sponsored by CNA, the endorsed business insurance carrier for FMA

    “I congratulate T. J. Snow on winning a Safety Award of Honor and the Rusty Demeules Safety Award of Excellence,” said Edward Youdell, president and CEO of FMA. “Safety is clearly a priority for the company. They set a good example for others in the industry. FMA and CNA are proud to recognize all our safety award winners.”

    To be eligible to receive recognition, companies were required to submit OSHA Form 300A, Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses, for the period Jan. 1, 2021, through Dec. 31, 2021. Firms of all sizes were eligible. Winners were selected based on North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code categories and BLS injury and illness incidence rates. The Safety Award of Honor is given to companies having a perfect safety record of no recordable injuries or illnesses for the reporting period.

    The Rusty Demeules Award for Safety Excellence is presented annually by FMA, created by FMA’s Safety Council to further recognize a company with a demonstrated safety culture. The award is named in honor of Rusty Demeules, an outstanding volunteer contributor who made significant contributions to FMA while serving as the President of its Safety Committee from its inception in 1989 until 1996.

    The complete list of 2022 award winners has been published on FMA’s blog at www.fmamfg.org/blog .


    About T. J. Snow Company

    T. J. Snow’s reputation has been built by helping customers succeed with the resistance welding process since 1963. The company offers new and used welders, supplies, training, and service. Visit www.tjsnow.com for more information.

  • CHATTANOOGA, TN. ---- T. J. Snow Company of Chattanooga, Tennessee is the largest stocking distributor of TECNA portable and stationary resistance spot welders in the U. S.

    Made in Italy, the value-priced TECNA product line includes a complete range of machines for spot and projection welding.

    The small models of TECNA spot welders have become increasingly popular in recent years because Miller Electric obsoleted its line of 10 and 20 KVA machines that were popular with sheet metal shops.

    TECNA portable gun-style spot welders are unique because the programmable welder control is built into the gun’s handle.

    Other brands of portable spot welders require a separate control, which must be remote-mounted on a wall or pedestal.

    To facilitate a full range of motion, TECNA portable spot welding guns can be matched to a properly-sized TECNA spring balancer.

    TECNA stationary spot welders include rocker arm and vertical press-type machines of various KVA ratings.

    One of the most popular TECNA welders is the Model 6128N, a versatile 160 KVA press-type combination projection and spot welder with a Mid Frequency Direct Current (MFDC) power supply.

    The welder is equipped with a sophisticated Model TE-700 control, which includes Constant Current and a Dynamic Mode which allows the weld schedule to adjust on the fly.

    To make the selection of the ideal TECNA welder easy, T. J. Snow Company invites customers to send samples for welding in its lab.

  • Tom Snow, Chairman of T. J. Snow Company, Chattanooga, Tennessee, was recognized with the Elihu Thomson Resistance Welding Award at the recent Fabtech metalworking trade show in Chicago. 

    The award was presented by the Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance (RWMA), a standing committee of the American Welding Society (AWS).

    It recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the technology and application of the resistance welding process, which was invented in the late 1800s by Elihu Thomson, an associate of Thomas Edison.

    Since joining the business founded by his father, who was a Thomson award winner in 2003, Snow has been active in sales and marketing roles in the resistance welding industry for over 48 years. 

    The award recognized the numerous technical articles Snow has contributed over the years to the AWS Welding Journal and several other publications focused on metalworking.

    Publication of the articles led to opportunities for T. J. Snow Company to offer seminars on the resistance welding process, which is widely used in manufacturing automobiles, appliances, aircraft and fabricated wire products.



  • Industrial Water Chillers
    With decades of experience selling industrial water chillers, T. J. Snow Company is recognized as a trusted source for these important, yet often overlooked process components....

  • With decades of experience selling industrial water chiller, T. J. Snow Company is recognized as a trusted source for these important, yet often overlooked process components. Our focus is on self-contained, air-cooled recirculating chillers from 1/2 ton to 30 ton capacity.

    Industrial water chillers provide an immediate reduction in water use and consistent water temperatures, which in turn offer significant improvement to the process and a quick return on investment. We stock a variety of models ready for quick delivery!

  • SlimLine Press-Type Spot Welder
    The durable, compact design of T. J. Snow’s SlimLine Resistance Welders makes for a cost-effective and efficient resistance welding solution...


    ► KVA: 30-170 KVA AC and MFDC

    ► Throat Depth: 18″ to 36″

    ► Voltage: 220V, 440V, 575V

    Single Phase and 3 Phase (with MFDC)

    ► Air Cylinder Type: Standard Dual Acting, Air Over Oil, Ram Type, and Other Options

    ► Air Cylinder Stroke: Up to 6″

    ► Machine Initiation: Foot Switch, Palm Buttons, Automatic, PLC


    ► Easy to Customize

    -Add Welding Guns

    -Widen Lower Platen

    -Install Special Tooling

    ► Durable compact design

    ► Easy access for simplified maintenance

    ► Quick changeover


    ► Multi-gun upper & lower platens

    ► SlimLine seam welder

    ► Opposed or angled guns


    ► MFDC Power Supply & Control

    ► Consistent, controllable DC wave form

    ►Shorter weld times

    ► Improved weld appearance

    ►Longer electrode life

    ► Reduced power consumption

    ► Electric Servo-Driven Force Delivery System

    ► No expensive & dirty compressed air

    ► Weld force generated almost instantly

    ► Slow approach to minimize electrode wear

    ► Consistent control of variables

    ► Set-down & stack-up verification

    ► Data logging feature with Excel export function

    ► Guided Ram

    ► Allows use of platen-mounted upper arm & standard electrode holders

    ► Unitrol Soft Touch

    ► A unique sensor function integrated into the weld control that minimizes operator finger or hand entrapment accidents, by keeping the electrode pinch-point force low until it is safe to apply full welding force

    Throat Depth Max Available Weld Force (lbs.)
    **(Std. Cylinder @ 80 psi)
    Max. Short Circuit (Tip to Tip) Amps at % Duty Cycle* Horn Diameter Maximum Stroke Holder Diameter Footprint
    Single Phase
    at 50%
    Three Phase MFDC
    at 5%
    L W H
    85 KVA 120 KVA 135 KVA /
    600A Inverter 
    170 KVA /
    1000A Inverter
    Horn Style 18" 1,344 18,900 24,000 22,000 2.75" 3-6" 1.25" 52" 36" 78"
    24" 1,344 17,500 22,500 38,000
    6 Cycles 
    30" 1,344 16,300 20,600 35,000
    7-12 Cycles 
    36" 1,344 15,100 19,100 30,000
    13-24 Cycles
    Platen Style 18" 1,344 18,900 24,000 N/A 3-6" Platen Style 52" 36" 78"
    24" 1,344 17,500 22,500 58"
    30" 1,344 16,300 20,600 64"
    36" 1,344 15,100 19,100
  • TECNA® Spot Welders & Spring Balancers
    TECNA® offers a vast range of spot and projection welding machines and manufactures a line of resistance welding products and accessories for resistance welding machines....

  • TECNA® offers a vast range of spot and projection welding machines and manufactures a line of resistance welding products and accessories for resistance welding machines, including Portable Guns, Rocker Arm Spot Welders, Press Spot Welders and Spring Balancers.

    tecna rocker arm


    TECNA rocker arm spot welders are fully engineered, compact solutions equipped with the TE101 control which is positioned in the front of the machine for ease of use and monitoring during the weld cycle. Versatile and adjustable for multiple jobs, rocker arms are a wise investment as they are a suitable for a variety of applications.

    tecna press spot welder


    Press spot welders feature a stationary, ergonomic frame designed by TECNA. The control unit has been positioned frontally to allow the operator to view the welding data even during the working cycle. The pnuematic commands and the compressed air pressure gauge have been placed at the top for easier adjustment and reading.

    tecna mfdc


    MFDC technology provides excellent weld quality and substantial cost reduction. TECNA MFDC Welders are designed to excel in both spot and projection welding applications with unparalleled accuracy in both realms. The standard TE700 control provides six working modes, allowing you to form the best weld possible. TECNA MFDC resistance weld machinery also come standard with pressure switch, programmable air, flow indicators and flow water switch.

    portable spot welding gun


    TECNA “C Style” and “Scissor Style” Portable Spot Welding Transguns are self-contained suspended production spot welding guns with integrated transformers and digital weld controls available 16-75 kVA capacity. Standard models are available in stock. 2 to 6 kVA “Small” Resistance Welding guns are also available.


    TECNA produces a range of Spring Balancers that are all available from T.J. Snow in a variety of capacities, ranging from .5 lbs to 395 lbs. Tool Balancers are essential devices that improve productivity, minimize line operator labor and reduce long-term damages and wear to hoses, cables and tools. Typical applications include, but are not limited to, small tools, industrial suspended welders and multiple screw drives.

  • Advanced HMI with Resistance Welding Track & Trace
    T. J. Snow's Advanced HMI provides the "personal device feel" we have grown accustomed to in everyday life applied to a weld control operator interface....

  • T. J. Snow Company’s advanced HMI provides the “personal device feel” we have grown accustomed to in everyday life applied to a weld control operator interface. The unit includes user friendly setup, navigation and quality control features. Additionally, machine manuals, work direction, drawings and optional operator training video(s) can be easily retrieved and displayed on-screen.

    When a fault occurs you receive a visual indication along with a description of what the fault means and suggestion on how to fix it. There is also no need for an external weld control pendant as long as your weld control of your choice offers a Windows or web based software interface option.

    Features :

    • Adjust all welding and machine setup parameters directly from the HMI screen
    • Displays & monitors Current, Conductance, Force, Stack Up, Set Down & Water Flow from the HMI
    • Bar Code Scanner for selecting recipes & Part Traceability
    • Data log for storing all of the monitored parameters with a time, data & bar code
    • Operator friendly style interface
    • Ability to view wiring and pneumatic diagrams
    • Update programming of weld control directly from HMI
    • Quality control graphs
    • Custom fault screen with pictures and descriptions of errors to help operators identify problems faster
    • Ability to record and store operator training video(s)