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  • Duroweld Wearmaster
    Duroweld Wearmaster - The Ultimate in Wear Protection. For severe abrasion, the Tungsten Carbide Embedding hardfacing process offers the ultimate in wear and abrasion protection and is extremely impact resistant. Increasing the lifespan of your equipment...

  • Conquer the causes of wear, abrasion, impact, erosion, friction, heat and cavitation.

    Whether you are extending the life of new parts, or rebuilding components already in
    use - The Duroweld Wearmaster is the machine you need.

    The Duroweld Wearmaster Tungsten Feeder enables the production of overlay hardfacing weld deposits virtually impervious to abrasion and impact.

    For severe abrasion, the Tungsten Carbide Embedding hardfacing
    process offers the ultimate in wear and abrasion protection and is extremely
    impact resistant.

    Metered Tungsten Carbide particles are delivered to a molten weld pool at precisely the right moment prior to the puddle freezing. The result is a 60Rc tool steel matrix weld deposit filled with Tungsten Carbide grit.

    The recent production demands on parts and equipment have dictated a harder, more wear resistant solution. MIG Carbide Embedding offers 4 to 8 times better wear life than typical hardfacing alloys and can be deposited at 1/3 the cost of tungsten carbide hardfacing wires.
    The Wearmaster will dispense all grades of Tungsten Chip and features a precision variable flow adjustment.

    Equipment that can benefit from MIG Carbide Welding are mining and construction equipment, dredging equipment, mixing, blending, shredding and processing equipment, drilling tools and equipment, agricultural parts.