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  • Deep Textured Metal Surfaces
    Rigid-tex® metals can be provided in sheet, strip, or coil. Enhanced performance and appearance over plain flat-rolled metal equates to stronger, lighter, better looking, and longer lasting metal for your unique application....

  • A prime advantage of Rigid-tex® metal is its strength. It’s stronger than plain flat-rolled metal because of its three-dimensional design. It has greater strength in all directions in contrast with corrugated metal, which has increased strength in only one direction. Consequently, when Rigid-tex® metal is used in place of ordinary metal, lighter gauges can be substituted, reducing weight and saving metal without sacrificing strength. Deep textured Rigid-tex® metal reduces surface tension and friction for the processing of paper, film and food products, in many instances, eliminating the need for expensive and high maintenance mechanical processes. The texture of Rigid-tex® metal conceals scratches, smudges, and fingerprints so that cleaning and maintenance are greatly reduced.