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    Mechanical Articulating Video Borescope Features Front/Side View Cameras to Improve Nondestructive Testing Inspections

    TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. – With the use of side-view cameras being a necessity for certain remote visual inspections (RVI), ViewTech Borescopes is announcing the launch of their newest inspection video borescope, the VJ-3 Dual Camera. The VJ-3 Dual Camera facilitates viewing both straight ahead and 90 degrees. Users are easily able to switch between the two cameras while keeping the insertion tube inside the inspection area.

    With a diameter of 6.0 mm and lengths ranging from 1.5 – 8.0 meters, and featuring image and video capturing capabilities, industries including Heavy Equipment Maintenance, Welding, Oil & Gas, along with countless others, can benefit from the convenience the VJ-3 dual camera video borescope provides. In addition to the VJ-3 Dual Camera, ViewTech Borescopes also recently released two other borescope models, the VJ-3 Ultraviolet (UV) and the VJ-3 Infrared (IR).

    ViewTech Borescopes VJ-3 Dual Camera video borescope is already utilized by several of their clients. Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) knew this unit could improve their tank and pipe inspections. With CNL’s current video borescope not providing adequate lighting during their RVI, ViewTech recommended the VJ-3 dual camera. After trying an on-site, no-cost demo, Canadian Nuclear finalized the purchase of multiple 6.0mm VJ-3 Dual Camera video borescope units. With insertion tube lengths of 3.0, 5.0 and 8.0 meters, the VJ-3 dual cameras help to support ACI’s safety and compliance requirements. While improving the quality of their nuclear facility inspection photos, the VJ-3 dual camera also decreased inspection times.

    VJ-3 Video Borescope
    The VJ-3 mechanical articulating video borescope is a nondestructive testing instrument used for the remote visual inspection of machinery, equipment and components. The VJ-3 facilitates the visual recording and photo documentation of an inspection and components in areas that are otherwise inaccessible or require great effort and expense to access directly. The VJ-3 consists of two modules integrated into one system: an insertion tube with distally mounted camera/LEDs, and the base unit with control panel, LCD monitor, power source and all necessary circuitry.


    When Professional Visual Inspection Equipment is Mandatory, ViewTech Borescopes Offers Convenient Rental Terms

    TRAVERSE CITY, Mich., – As companies and industries encounter a new or one-off inspection, it is not always a viable option to purchase a high-quality borescope. ViewTech Borescopes not only provides an array of articulating video borescopes for sale, but every inspection video borescope is available for short or long-term rental periods at a fraction of the cost.

    ViewTech’s video borescopes are offered in a variety of diameters, insertion tube lengths, and several lighting options that suit nearly all inspection application requirements. Borescopes for rent from ViewTech are quality tested and delivered ready for immediate use for their clients’ inspections. A collection of tutorial borescope videos are also accessible on ViewTech Borescopes website to assist users with any operating tips questions.
    An added benefit of renting a video borescope, all rental fees accrued can be invested towards owning a ViewTech borescope. With reduced upfront costs and access to the newest, high-quality borescopes, many clients who require regular inspection scope rentals can eventually take ownership a ViewTech video borescope and not worry about renting a video borescope for future inspections.


    VJ-3 Video Borescope Chosen to Complete New Inspection Requirements

    TRAVERSE CITY, Mich.,– Whether an inspection application requires a small diameter borescope to enter a narrow access port or one that can articulate as it navigates through lengthy piping, ViewTech Borescopes VJ-3 video borescopes are utilized and relied upon throughout every industry. North America’s lineup of top-selling articulating video borescopes caught the attention of two of their newest clients, a manufacturer of oceanographic measurement equipment and a global energy supplier.

    A Production Engineer for an oceanographic equipment manufacturing company sought a new visual inspection tool to assist with product design. It was essential the borescope feature brighter lighting and an improved image quality than their current borescope was equipped with. Through ViewTech Borescopes no-cost, no-obligation demo offer, their Washington based facility was able to trial a VJ-3 2.8mm x 1.0-meter video borescope.

    With hands-on experience utilizing the VJ-3, the ViewTech borescope documented areas not visually accessible during previous remote visual inspections (RVI). The decision to purchase was easy to quantify by their engineering team.

    Another of ViewTech’s newest clients, a global energy supplier, was not able to complete necessary inspections. With their current borescope too large to access chiller tubes, it was critical they purchase an inspection tool specifically for this application. After researching new borescopes for sale, they immediately considered ViewTech’s VJ-3 video borescope. The video borescope requirements their Operations & Maintenance Supervisor deemed crucial were: 360-degree articulation, more than 20 feet of insertion tube, and a diameter smaller than half of one inch. The borescope experts at ViewTech recommended they trial a VJ-3 Dual Camera. While many borescopes use side view attachments or interchangeable viewing angle tips, with the ViewTech Dual Camera borescope, simply pushing a button toggles between front-view and side-view cameras. After their free demo VJ-3 Dual Camera was onsite and chiller tube inspections complete, the ViewTech video borescope was purchased by their O&M Supervisor.