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  • Macrodyne Hydraulic Presses
    Macrodyne Technologies Inc. designs and manufactures heavy-duty, high-quality hydraulic presses up to 20,000 tons, fully automated hydraulic press lines, and die handling equipment for dies weighing in excess of 100 tons....

  • Macrodyne Dishing Presses

    Macrodyne dishing presses are hydraulic pressing machines designed to form dish heads and bottom covers for cylinders and tanks. These rigid presses are available in a wide range of tonnage and bed sizes for pressing hot and cold steel or metal alloy blanks into hemispherical heads of larger spherical diameters and wall thicknesses.

    Our dishing presses are engineered with heavy-duty pressing cylinders and hydraulic arrangements capable of delivering higher pressing speeds, ability to control tonnages, and forming pressure, resulting in a considerable increase in efficiency of the head production. Macrodyne dishing presses can optionally be supplied with integrated manipulators, that interface the sequential and synchronized movement of the blanks in the press. The entire pressing operation can be programmed and controlled centrally, offering repeatable and precise production.

    Enhanced Capabilities with Dishing Presses

    Macrodyne dishing presses have a rigid press structure optimized using finite element analysis, resulting in increased part quality consistency due to minimal deflection of the press frame and dies.

    Our dishing presses are also equipped with a control manifold with proportional pressure, position, and flow control valves to allow fully programmable motion and tonnage control for the punch cylinder and clamp slide

    The operator control station will include all necessary pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches, E-stop push button, and touch screen type HMI.

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