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  • Pro-Cat Infrared Oven
    Introducing the Pro-Cat infrared oven combining Protherm electric infrared and Gas-Cat infrared! This revolutionary design is the best of both worlds. Fast and flexible infrared to either boost or cure our products....

  • When trying to cure your parts as quickly as possible, infrared is the heat technology of choice.  Electric infrared is by far the fastest (up to 10 times faster than convection), but can be expensive to operate and can be limited on types of parts.  Gas Catalytic infrared is the lowest cost type of heat and more flexible but is slower than electric.  Introducing the Pro-Cat infrared ovens combining Protherm electric infrared and Gas-Cat infrared!  This revolutionary design is the best of both worlds.  Whether it is a boost or cure oven, the Pro-Cat benefits are much lower costs to operate than using all electric and faster performance than using all catalytic.  The carbon footprint reduction of this design over convection is also significant.  Trimac Industrial Systems, having almost 4 decades of designs manufacturing electric and gas catalytic ovens and thousands of ovens installed worldwide has now combined this experience to deliver superior cost savings, quality and throughput improvements all in one design from one manufacturer.