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  • Manufacturing Technology, LLC

    M-Tech knows metal stamping. We have over 50 years of experience providing solutions for issues that arise in manufacturing facilities. From punches to press lines and everything in between, we can assist you with your process. Contact us today!

    Manufacturing Technology, LLC

    155 Business Center Drive * Birmingham, Alabama 35244 * (205) 637-1202

  • Manufacturing Technology, LLC

    What if you could train your operators and maintenance staff without losing precious line time and tying up critical resources for days or even weeks? The cost of conducting internal training can be huge.

    M-Tech has created a solution to provide offsite training for you team members. We have installed a full press line with accessories commonly found in metal stamping facilities just for training purposes. Using a custom training format that maximizes the learning potential, team members learn how and why each process step must be performed on real equipment that is similar to the equipment and environment in their facility. 

    Contact us today to schedule your training course!



    Manufacturing Technology, LLC

    155 Business Center Drive * Birmingham, Alabama 35244 * (205) 637 1202                                        


  • Operator and Maintenance Personnel Training
    M-Tech's operator course uses a hands on approach to change your operators into qualified set up personel. Our Maintenance course Instructs proper maintenance protocols, press inspections, and trouble shooting. ...

  •  Manufacturing Technology, LLC 

    A specialized distributer with over 30 years of experience in the Metal stamping industry has created a solution for training in the Stamping Department. M-Tech uses common industry terminology to instruct operators, maintenance personnel, and engineers to safely set up a press line and understand why certain procedures need to be followed. Our facility is designed so your employees feel comfortable with hands on training in an environment that is familair to them.

    Customize to meet specific needs and equipment.
          1 to 5 day courses available
     2-5 employees per class 

    Common Course Topics
          Machine Types and Major Components
     Die Setting
     Feed Equipment
     Coil Loading
     Setting a Straightener
     Material Lubrication
     Parts/Scrap Removal and Conveyors
     Die Protection
     Tonnage Monitor
     Job Storage and Retrieval
     Machine Controls Programming
     Preventative Maintenance
     Machine Controls Security Set Up
     Completing a Press Inspection
     Trouble Shooting Common Issues