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Peddinghaus Corporation has proudly served the steel construction, plate fabrication, and metalworking industries with the most innovative technology on the market since 1903. Every hand-assembled machine is the gold standard for what structural steel fabrication equipment should be. We do more than make machines for steel fabricators. We keep you ahead of the fabrication curve through unparalleled partnerships, constant research and development, industry-leading service, cutting-edge technology and quality components to create machines that are built to last.


  • PeddiSubX-1120
    Introducing the PeddiSubX-1120, the fastest drill line in the world of steel. The newest machine from Peddinghaus has rewritten the book on innovation with the adoption of multi-spindle Sub-X engineering....

  • What motivates a steel fabricator already heavy in current machine tool technologies to invest in a new fabrication system that promises unlimited potential? When you can process holes, copes, flange thins, weld preps, rat holes, plasma marks, scribes and even tool changes simultaneously, there's no going back. Meet the machine that does it all, the PeddiSubX-1120.

    The PeddiSubX-1120 takes on the challenge of efficiency by utilizing independent Sub-X axis spindle movement and powerful carbide technology to maintain speed and accuracy throughout processing of each piece of material. With each axis operating independently of one another, drilling and milling functions can be performed simultaneously at triple the speed of average drill lines. By rapidly decreasing the time it takes to process profiles, steel fabricators are able to keep production timetables far ahead of schedule. Expedite project deadlines and take back the market share with this superior technology.

    Next to accuracy, speed is one of the most important conditions in the steel industry. The sheer speed of the PeddiSubX-1120 has rewritten the book on innovation. Imagine processing a beam with milled block copes on both flanges in just 90 seconds without any rework or touching a grinder. By eliminating the need for grinding or any other type of post-processing, manhours are restored and profits are maximized. Fabricators have never seen such a sharp spike in savings.

    The heart of fabrication beats stronger with the PeddiSubX-1120. No other beam drill line can complete drilling, milling, coping and layout marking within an impressive 19-11/16" operating window in a matter of seconds. Don’t just take our word for it. Visit to watch the PeddiSubX-1120 in action.