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  • Muratec also introduces an efficiency-enhancing, industry-first live tool twin spindle, front-facing turning center with Y-axis

    Charlotte, NC – (Oct. 18, 2022) – Murata Machinery USA, Inc. (Muratec), a pioneer in sheet metal fabrication machinery and a world-class leader in automation, announces its attendance at FABTECH 2022, Nov. 8-10, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

    At Booth B8415, Murata Machinery will showcase its integrated automation, from multi-function fabrication machines, turning centers, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) that enable “lights-out” operations for machine and job shops.

    “For manufacturers of all sizes competing for dwindling manpower resources, Muratec is eager to demonstrate how our reliable and productive automation solutions deliver more parts on the dock at the end of the day,” said Jeff Kalmbach, general manager, machine tools division, Murata Machinery.

    Muratec will also demonstrate the highest level of integration with its 22-ton, spring-style punch press (M2048TS-S) paired with a robotic load/unload system (RL1212) and an automated guided vehicle (A4-AGV) that delivers raw materials to and from the system, showing shop owners how to minimize manual handling and repurpose labor.

    The M2048TS-S features a servo-electric punch drive system and the latest ram drive design for maximum reliability and rigidity. With this technology, the single frame turret punch press (TPP) empowers high production speeds, energy-efficient operation, reduced maintenance costs, and is automation-ready. Showcasing what humanizing automation at the core means, FABTECH attendees will experience how robotic loading and unloading systems automate, integrate, and facilitate efficient production with no human interaction.

    Muratec will also reveal its first-of-its-kind MWR120G multi-tasking CNC turning center that blends processing capability in a compact body with front-facing twin spindles equipped with an industry-leading live tool Y-axis function designed for a total production environment in a single machine. Its integrated robotic gantry loader enables unmanned workpiece handling for all-in-one processing of complex shapes from raw to finished parts, maximizing efficiency without changeovers or the need for secondary operations. When paired with a Universal Robot bin-picking cobot, also fed by an A4-AGV, for unattended production, the MWR120G delivers unparalleled flexibility, accuracy, and quality to provide an automated solution to headcount challenges.

    “It’s never been more important for manufacturers of all sizes to embrace automation to remain competitive. Automation is no longer a matter of ‘if” but ‘when’ for fabricators and job shops,” said Murata Machinery USA’s Jeff Tyl, North American Fabrication & Aftermarket Sales Manager. “When FABTECH attendees visit the Muratec booth, we hope they’ll take away new insights about how an integrated automation solution can maximize machine productivity with minimum human intervention required.”

    Nearly a century ago, Muratec invented the TPP, and now it is taking it to the next level by fabricating inventive and artistic applications. FABTECH attendees will experience Muratec in motion as the M2048TS-S mass produces a “MuraTruck” – punched, etched, and formed from a single piece of sheet metal into a functioning model truck and business card holder – to be assembled on the trade show floor.

    At industry trade shows, Muratec is known for its custom gifting and at FABTECH, attendees who pre-register will receive a free, limited, custom fabricated MuraDesk set, personally engraved on-site in Booth B8415.  Private meetings and demonstrations of the integrated automation systems on the trade show floor are being pre-booked.

    Displaying what automation at the core means at FABTECH, attendees will experience how Muratec means more system integrations to help manufacturers understand how they can make it, move it, store it, and service it across their entire supply chain.

    For more information about Muratec at FABTECH 2022, visit

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    About Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

    Murata Machinery USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Murata Machinery Ltd., a pioneer and world leader in high-speed, automated turning and fabrication, logistics & material handling automation, clean factory automation, and textile machinery. Established in 1935, Murata is the sole manufacturer of Muratec brand machinery and systems that supports North American manufacturing and logistics companies across regional and global supply chains, accelerating their competitive edge through integrated automation. Manufacturing for half a century with thousands of installations worldwide and first-to-market innovations, Muratec is trusted by leading global brands and suppliers including Ford, Fastenal, Boeing, Linamar, Coke and more. Each solution uses time-tested technology and is customized to meet customers exact needs with flexibility and personalized support provided for the life of the system. For more information, visit


    Murata Machinery USA, Inc.

    Christine Spiegel, Strategic Marketing Director


  • MWR120G Multi-Tasking CNC Turning Center
    The MWR120G is an industry-first multi-tasking CNC turning center that blends processing capability in a compact body with front-facing twin spindles equipped with Y-axis function designed for a total production environment in a single machine....

  • With a design based on automation at its core, Muratec’s MWR120G series is a first-of-its-kind, front-facing, horizontal twin spindle CNC live tool chucker lathe equipped with Y-axis function.

    Key features of the MWR120G series include Y-axis stroke of +/- 60mm, direct drive with no gearboxes for less power loss, and 8,000 rpm live tooling in all stations. The built-in gantry automation is also available with a choice of single or dual gantries, depending on processing needs.

    The MWR120G enables work processing with complex shapes by incorporating Y-axis and live tooling function. This combination accelerates its extreme multitasking of complex shapes from raw to finished parts without changeovers or the need for secondary operations. 

    Its integrated robotic gantry loader enables unmanned workpiece handling, maximizing the machine’s efficiencies for optimal uptime. Muratec’s MWR120G blends precision processing with versatility in a small footprint.