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Voortman Steel Machinery

Voortman has designed, developed and manufactured machinery for steel fabrication and plate processing related industries for more than 45 years. With international subsidiaries responsible for sales and service, we are a globally recognized supplier with thousands of Voortman systems installed. We continually develop our equipment range to enable us to keep at the forefront of technology and in step with any new developments in the market.

Beam Processing


Fabricators require efficient machines for processing rolled steel sections. Voortman offers a complete range of advanced machines to cover all needs for the structural steel and fabricating industry. By combining several machines and their handling systems together with VACAM Software, one integrated production line is created.

Plate Processing


For all plate processing centers that need to manufacture various parts, Voortman offers a wide range of CNC controlled plate processing machines. Our machines have been designed with one goal: integrate all the functions which are required in plate processing through innovative process improvements and world leading software and technology.

Flat and Angle Processing

Flat and Angle

Voortman offers flat and angle processing machines with two different measuring systems. For the tower industry, machines are equipped with a feeder truck for improved accuracy on longer parts, while machines used for structural steel fabrication are mounted with measuring rolls.

Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

Voortman developed a range of machines for automatic shot blasting and painting to reduce maintenance on your finished steel products. The long component life, easy maintenance and economic paint consumption make these machines an added value in your production facility.


  • Voortman V631 | high speed drilling and milling
    The Voortman V631 adds increased milling capabilities to its proven automated beam drilling machines. Impressive milling capabilities and the ability to simultaneously drill and mark all sides....

    The V631 can boast the fastest milling in the market with using shorter tool lengths, which reduce the distance between the drill and the profile. The shorter the tools, the faster the drill units can move through the material and the longer your consumables will last. Robust bearing and securely mounting the drill units onto the heavy duty frame also helps improve milling speed and quality.

    The V631 drilling and milling machine can process both flanges and the web at the same time, greatly reducing labor hours and operating costs in your workshop. Each of the three drill heads has its own automatic toolchanger with stations for up to 8 tools each, increasing automatic processing capabilities for a wide range of processes. Voortman’s VACAM operating software optimizes the tool changing and sorting operation sequence, increasing output efficiency.

    The V631 is designed for fast and smooth milling. Robust bearings, direct-drive drilling units and a sturdy frame improves milling and drilling quality with little-to-no vibrations, unlocking maximum milling speeds in structural steel processing.

    The V631 can be equipped with the Voortman roller feed system or with a gripper truck based on your needs. Voortman’s roller feed system is known for being fast and accurate on a minimal footprint, while the gripper truck can rotate its clamp to process all kinds of profiles automatically at the fastest speeds available.