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27 Bicentennial Ct
Hamilton,  OH  45015-1382

United States
  • Booth: B7241

In booth #B7241 Salvagnini will be sharing our view of the next generation of manufacturing- Beyond Manufacturing.  The focus will be on increasing operators’ ability to mange and control machines and systems.  The market, which is increasingly oriented toward make to order and just in time strategy, continually pushes for more technology into our production.  Salvagnini will be showing new digital tools that allow operators to make the most of the machine functionality while addressing upstream and downstream factors. 

The exhibition will begin with the part design. Our team will show how our software, STREAM is used to seamlessly program the various technologies required to produce a part– (and this is one of its strengths we want to underline at FABTECH), how this technology takes advantage of the simultaneous availability of a panel bender and a laser.  We will have the L3 Laser with 6 kW source and a NEW compact automation for sheet metal loading and unloading.  Along side the laser will be our P2 panel bender.   

Additionally, each day in the morning and afternoon we will be holding a VIP feedback hour when guests are invited to join us in a coffee or cocktail and provide their input on automation in the workplace. To get your VIP invite, email with the subject VIP at FabTech.


  • Salvagnini ADC Compact Loading/Unloading
    Salvagnini ADC- Compact loading/unloading New! ADC compact Automatic Loading and Unloading device for Salvagnini Lasers. This material handling system allows unmanned production that does not inhibit the production cycle of the machine. B7241....

  • Salvagnini ADC- Compact loading/unloading

    New to North American Market is the extremely compact and efficient ADC Automatic Loading and Unloading device  for our Salvagnini Lasers.  This material handling system allows unmanned production that does not inhibit the production cycle of the machine.  Unique features include:

    • Extremely compact design and footprint
    • Efficient synchronous loading/unloading cycle
    • A fixed destacking carriage
    • An unloading ‘comb’ able to move transversally to the system
    • A scissor table for cut sheets unloading

    The working principal for the synchronous load/unload cycle is this.  A pack of material rides atop of a tray; mounted to the bottom of said tray is the unloading comb (included with belts to prevent marring parts).  Simultaneously as the tray is moved into position for the loading suction frame to pick a new sheet, the unloading comb is inserted between the grids of the exchange pallet effectively collecting the cut sheet (parts with skeletons).  The suction frame with the new sheet is lifted vertically allowing the tray to traverse to the unloading zone.  Once clear the suction frame deposits the new sheet onto the change pallet, while the unloading comb moves to deposit the cut sheet.  After the suction frame is cleared the mobile tray can return home, leaving the processed sheet, and the system continues unabated.

    Come view the impressively compact and efficient Salvagnini Laser ADC system in action at booth #B7241