Pax Products Inc  

5097 Monroe Rd
Celina,  OH  45822-9033

United States
  • Booth: B6219

Pax Products will be displaying stock/die lubrication systems, roller coaters, belt conveyors, oscillating shaker type conveyors, and press doors.

Pax has been manufacturing stock and die lubrication systems since 1980 and offers a full range of spraying systems, roller systems and in-die lubrication methods.  Pax’s belt conveyor offerings include: low-profile designs, cantilevered designs, conveyors with powered vertical, horizontal & tilting movement, servo-type conveyors, and reversing conveyors.  Pax’s patented, EGD units are typically attached to the press and can drive multiple trays at once. The EGDF units have one large tray and can be used for conveying material from below a single machine or for below ground scrap removal for an entire plant.  Pax Press Doors provide the safety of a hard barrier and a method of containing and controlling die lubricants. Vertically sliding, swing-out, powered, and acoustical designs are available.


  • Pax RCMR Roller Coaters for Wide Material
    These multi-roll, Roller Coaters have a slim design that fits into tight areas. The roller design minimizes roll compression, which maximizes roll life, and two air cylinders are used on each upper roller to assure uniform pressure is applied....

  • Pax’s RCMR Roller Coater is for material widths starting at 18”.  These slim units utilize multiple upper and lower rolls to apply uniform lubrication on the top and/or bottom of the stock material. 

    There are two air driven cylinders attached to each upper roller.  These cylinders are utilized to assure that the upper rollers apply uniform pressure against the material that passes through the rollers and the cylinders also lift the upper rollers up to allow material to be easily threaded through the rollers. 

    The units have a unique roll design that utilizes polyethylene spacers to limit the compression on the felt material, which minimizes the felt compression and increases roll life.  When a roller does need to be rebuilt, the units’ “clam shell” design allows easy access to the rolls and each roller can be removed from the unit by simply loosening two bolts.  Once a roller is removed, the felt washers and polyethylene spacers can be easily removed and replaced.
  • Quick Release Arm for Shaker Conveyor
    Historically, shaker conveyors can limit access the press die area. To increase access, this quick release option on Pax EGD units allows the operator to simply lift the arm, (crossbar), off of the unit and to re-install it without the use of tools....

  • To provide easier access to the press die area, the Pax EGD-50 and EGD-125 oscillating conveyors (shakers) now have an option for a quick release arm, (the cross bar to which the trays attach).  This option allows the customer to quickly and easily remove and re-install the arm without use of tools.  This option is available on new EGD-50 and EGD-125 units and can also be retrofit onto existing units.
  • RC Roller Coaters for up to 12” Wide Material
    Pax’s 6”, 9” and 12” wide Roller Coaters have a simple, compact design that fits into most areas. The unit’s roll design minimizes roller compression, which maximizes roll life, and also provides a simple method for rebuilding the rolls....

  • Pax’s 6”, 9” and 12” wide Roller Coaters have a simple, compact design that provides uniform lubrication on the top and/or bottom of the stock material. The unit’s rolls are a modular design that both minimizes roller compression, which maximizes the roller’s life, and also provides a simple method for rebuilding the rolls.  The volume of lubrication provided to each roll can be separately controlled and the lubrication is fed through the center of each roll to provide uniform distribution across each roll.  If excess lubricant is provided to the rollers, this lubricant can be drained back to the supply reservoir and re-used.

    Available, standard options include quick release installation brackets and stock tables that can be attached to either the entry or exit side of the roller.


    •  Min. Mtl Thickness:  0.02” (steel)
    •  Max. Mtl Thickness:  0.130”
    •  Max. Mtl Speed:        300 fpm
    •  Unit Depth:     2.7”
    •  Unit Height:    4.75” w/o fittings attached
    •  Roll Pressure:  Spring Applied