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QASS is an experienced global supplier of high-quality industrial monitoring systems. Our strength lies in the versatility of our technology: from crack detection and chatter prevention to tool monitoring, we provide a 100%, in-line testing solution. We offer innovative solutions for manufacturing environments where unexpected material defects emerge, and machine retrofits with testing technology become necessary.

QASS listens to your machine, and we make use of its acoustic signatures to tell whether your workpiece is intact, or a tool wears thin. We communicate with your machine when a process runs out of bounds, or a piece must be rejected. All of that happens while your machine is doing its job – no additional testing step is required.

Chatter-free tube drawing: With the QASS Optimizer4D, you can achieve chatter-free tube drawing without having to compromise on the drawing speed. While we listen to your process, we can tell when chatter is about to happen, and ask the machine to reduce its drawing speed before chatter becomes a problem. The result: Fewer scrapped tubes, extended tool life, and increased machine throughput!


  • QASS Optimizer4D: Chatter-Free Tube Drawing
    Monitor and optimize your tube drawing process with the Optimizer4D by QASS. Our device detects premature signs of chatter and reduces the drawing speed proactively before chatter becomes a problem. No more manual speed reductions necessary....

  • During the tube drawing process, a lack of drawing agent may lead to strong vibrations that leave chatter marks on or inside the tube. Currently machine operators manually reduce the drawing speed when chatter is audible. To avoid high scrap rates, many manufacturers operate their machines at drawing speeds well below optimum. We mount our QASS piezoelectric sensors to your drawing tool and detect signs of premature chatter in the data before it becomes audible to any machine operator. The Optimizer4D analyzes the sensor data in real-time and keeps a steady line of communication with the machine controls. When necessary, our device asks the machine to slow down for a short time. When the risk of chatter is averted, we can speed up again. Retrofitting a drawing bench takes little effort and can be accomplished within a few hours. Once the unit is connected to your machine controls, it is plug-and-play. Minimal training is required for operation.