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  • xFUME® PRO Lightweight Fume Extraction MIG Gun
    The xFUME® PRO is the next generation of source capture fume extraction MIG guns from ABICOR BINZEL. Improvements made to the internal components decrease the weight, making this the lightest and most efficient xFUME® fume extraction gun yet!...

  • The frontend of the xFUME® PRO has been redesigned from previous models to more efficiently capture welding fumes. A shorter nozzle, 50° neck bend, and slim, tapered fume nozzle provide more suction without interfering with shielding gas.

    The xFUME® PRO handle is our lightest fume extraction gun handle and is designed to comfortably sit in the welder's hands. The rubberized grip and ball joint cable connection provide added comfort and control while welding.

    When you purchase an xFUME® PRO, it comes standard with a protective cable cover for the first 8' of corrugated hose. This cover is resistant to spatter and prevents the corrugated hose from snagging in the work area.