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Built to last, made to perform welding automation, handling and positioning equipment, robot welding solutions, special purpose machines and turnkey systems.

Key Plant design, manufacture and supply a catalog of innovative and accomplished welding automation products, along with exclusive engineering solutions for customers all over the world. With our comprehensive in-house capabilities, advanced design technology and manufacturing expertise – we have total control of production, enabling Key Plant the flexibility and ability to meet our customer’s requirements and demands.

If you are looking for the best innovative automated partner, look no further. With our teams combined experience and countless success stories from global leading customers. Our goal and passion is to help you select and engineer the right solution to maximize your welding and fabrication throughput and help your business compete at the highest level.

Everything you need, direct from the manufacturer

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    To celebrate this years Fabtech Expo, we are offering 2 weeks free of charge on all cobot welder rental packages. Drop by our booth to find out more.

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 Press Releases

  • (Sep 01, 2022)

    Committed to Excellence

    Our drive, passion and commitment has awarded Key Plant Automation the UL/CSA accreditation for Factory Automation Equipment. We are the first and only company in the world to have achieved the UL Certificate, allowing us to deliver to highly specific markets.

    Key Plant Automation continually invests in new plant equipment, the latest CNC machinery and the modernising of its manufacturing process, to optimise our efficiency and productivity. Other focuses are made in acquiring key personnel; developing their knowledge, expertise, and utilising this asset to its full potential for the benefit of our customers.

    Further investments in the latest design and HMI technologies, have improved the capabilities of Key Plant Automation, to design challenging complex machinery to meet the rigorous demands of our expanding customer base.

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  • Jesper Hansen joins Key Plant Automation as Global Technical Sales Manager (Renewables). With a career spanning four decades, Jesper brings to the Key Plant team a wealth of expertise, knowledge and experience in the production of wind towers and monopiles.

    “With our expertise, knowledge and capabilities – we deliver innovative solutions to benefit our customers needs. As a global leader, and the UK’s only major manufacturer of hard automation systems for the wind energy industry, we offer customers around the world the full range of solutions and services available.”

    Everything you need, direct from the manufacturer – From start to finish, we are with you every ‘section’ of the way.

    • Factory layout - Increase efficiency and capacity of wind tower and monopile throughput with forward-thinking factory layouts.
    • Welding - Increase deposition rates, productivity and arc-on time with column and boom welding manipulators, and seam welding systems.
    • Fit-up systems - Attain high quality and consistent welding results with linear precision fit-up and growing line systems.
    • Rotators / Turning rolls - Conventional, self-aligning and anti-drift rotator solutions engineered for all wind tower / monopile diameter and capacity requirements.
    • Internal transport - Manoeuvre cans and sections easily, efficiently and safely with innovative transfer and tilting transfer systems.

    Proud to play our part in green energy projects around the world.

    Our forward-thinking innovative solutions for wind tower and monopile production help manufacturers in the wind industry streamline their production goals.

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    Pole to Flange Welding System

    The innovative Key Plant pole to flange welding system is designed for Sub Arc circumferential welding of polygon poles. The gantry performs welding of the pre-tacked welding flange onto the polygon pole. The system accommodates polygon poles that vary in diameter between 18” - 96”. The gantry is supplied with a floating vertical welding axis, that is centralized and can be positioned along the length of the work piece. The gantry can be fitted with various SAW Welding Equipment.

    Pull-Through System

    The pull-trough welding system is designed for the longitudinal welding production of polygon pole welding up to 40’ in length. Intended for assisted automatic welding with manual loading, parts set up and unloading.

    For large transmission pole manufacturing in diameters of 12" - 96”, you achieve high weld quality and low investment with this machine design.

    Each machine has one vertical axis gantry comprising steel frame, a guide table on the front and two linear rails: the vertical rolling unit incorporating the weld torch with manual torch position adjustment.

    The machine has two cross roller units. Each roller is fitter onto an articulated support actuated by a hydraulic cylinder. The units have angular and vertical adjustment.

    Transmission of the weld carriage by rack and pinion, driven by geared motor unit. The motor speed and control are achieved by programmable electronic speed regulator (PLC and frequency driver). 

  • (Sep 08, 2022)

    We will not be beaten on price. Key Plant will undercut any genuine quote.

    Cost-effective, short and long term rental equipment options

    We have comprehensive stocks of high quality and reliable weld automation, handling and positioning rental equipment. From welding rotators, tank turning rolls and welding manipulators to pay by the hour, plug and weld robotic welding cells – find your ideal rental solution today. A major advantage we have over our competitors is that, as the manufacturer we have the ability to keep an extensive level of available ‘rent-ready’ stock.

    A rental department built over 65 years.

    Short or Long Term Project? Perhaps you have equipment that requires maintenance or a refurbishment, but cannot afford production downtime? We offer affordable rental solutions to help you keep your production at an optimum level.

    Rental also enables you to evaluate your needs before purchasing.

    We have comprehensive stocks of Welding Rotators / Tank Turning Rolls, Column & Boom Welding Manipulators, Positioners, Headstock & Tailstocks, Floor Turntables, Robotic Welding Solutions and more.

    With our facilities in the UK and USA, and distributors throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East, we succesfully support customers all over the world.

    All equipment is serviced and tested by our engineers prior to being despatched for any rental period to ensure that it is in excellent condition before reaching your location.

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  • Pay by the hour, high performance compact welding system rentals.

    Robotic Welding Cells

    Cost effective, production boosting and floor saving, we now offer pay by the hour robotic welding cells that are delivered ready to weld, simply plug and go – it’s as easy as that!

    Powered by CLOOS welding technology, the robotic welding cells synchronised robot and positioner provide excellent welding results for a series of small part applications.

    All cells are two station, Loading whilst welding, and are protected by a light barrier and safety fence.

    Hassle free delivery – straight to your facility and workshops. With their one lift, easy to transport modular design, the robotic welding cells are delivered direct, hassle free to your facility.

    • Pay by the hour rental
    • Ready to use, plug and weld
    • Cloos welding technology
    • One lift, easy to transport
    • Save production floor area


    Optimum human-robot collaboration

    Cobot Welder Rentals

    We offer you an easy entry into the world of automated welding. With the innovative cobot welding system you can weld even small batch sizes economically and with consistently high quality.

    'Ready to weld' complete package

    The cobot welder includes all components being necessary for automated welding – perfectly matched to each other and easy to mount. The compact ” Ready to weld” cobot package is delivered completely ready for operation which ensures a problem-free integration into existing production processes.

    Exact, intuitive and safe

    A torque sensor in each axis allows the cobot welder to be programmed and moved precisely. The intuitive operation significantly increases work efficiency. The user can make individual adjustments on the user-friendly touch control panel with macros specially developed for welding. In addition, the Freedrive option with foot switch and the intelligent safety concept guarantee sensitive and safe control of the cobot. Another special feature is the simple restart after an emergency stop as no extensive unlocking or free movement of the robot is necessary.

    • Quick programming - Automated welding from batch size one
    • Simple operation - No previous knowledge of robot programming required
    • Ready to weld complete package - Installation ready for welding within a few hours
    • Excellent welding quality - Reproducible welding results for maximum efficiency
    • Great ROI opportunities - High economic efficiency with short amortisation time
    • Compact cobot design - Space-saving for flexible adaptation to your production environment


  • PPC - Process Pipe Cell
    Available to buy & hire - the Key Plant PPC is a self-contained, compact welding manipulator system that can be integrated as a turnkey solution with a variety of welding processes like GMAW and GTAW....

  • Simplicity meets functionality – Optimize productivity with our cost-effective Mobile Manipulator Systems.

    The Key Plant Process Pipe Cell allows for simplified torch positioning when parts vary in shape and size. The column includes 360° rotation, allowing it to rotate and position the welding head over multiple welding positioners or other fixtures.

    The PPC is a self-contained, compact welding manipulator system that can be integrated as a turnkey solution with a variety of welding processes like GMAW and GTAW.


    • Easy to set up and operate
    • Reduces weld operator errors
    • Greatly reduces welding time and labor costs
    • Increase deposition rates, productivity and arc on time
    • Improved weld aesthetics
    • Improved operator comfort and reduced fatigue

    Machine elements

    • All positioning functions including welding head manipulator, oscillator, welding positioner & turning rolls are managed via a single control
    • All welding functions are controlled via a remote interface
    • Integrate multiple accessories: (Seam tracking, oscillation, AVC and more)
    • Custom sizes can be engineered on request. *Subject to spec requirements
    • Motorised In/Out boom travel option
    • Pair with our material handling equipment and optimize productivity
    • Various base options – fixed, caster wheels or track wheels for use with floor rail installations
  • PAL - Port-A-Lift
    Available to buy and hire - Maximize efficiency and minimize safety concerns when lifting & rotating heavy workpieces with the Key Plant Port-a-Lift....

  • Maximise flexibility, safety and productivity

    The powered elevating headstock and tailstock provides maximum efficiency/throughput and minimizes safety concerns when lifting and rotating heavy work pieces.

    The head and tailstock are elevated by means of a hardened stainless-steel screw with low friction re-circulating ball screw and nut, electrically synchronized between the headstock and tailstock.

    PAL Models

    • 6000lb
    • 10,000lb
    • 15,000lb
    • 25,000lb

    Capacity is each per headstock. If used in conjunction with a tailstock, the capacity is doubled.

    Specialized designs can be built to suit larger or unique components.

    PAL Options & Add-ons

    • X3 Gripper Chuck - Integrate our high quality and robust X3 3 jaw welding gripper chuck to your Port-a-lift for internal and external clamping.
    • Elbow Jigs - We design, manufacture and supply a range of elbow jigs that can handle pipe diameters upto 50″. Ideal for welding elbow joints and alternating direction tasks.
    • Lift and move with ease - For lifting and moving your PAL easily and safely, we offer the option of a pallet jack style feature for your Port-a-Lift.
    • Face Plate Options - We offer the option of face plates with plain or t-slots.
    • Stationery or Floor Rail - Floor rail integrated systems are an ideal solution for welding, fabrication and assembly projects of varying vessel lengths.
    • Integrate & Optimize - Pair your Port-a-Lift headstock with other equipment, and optimize your productivity, increase safety and improve ergonomics.
  • Growing Line Systems
    Linear precision growing line systems for use in the production of wind towers, monopiles, pipes, tanks and more....

  • Innovative growing line systems and automated can joining systems.

    Primarily used in wind tower production, Key Plant Fit Up and Growing Line Systems are an innovative, cost-effective solution for increasing your welding and fabrication throughput for large diameter, cylindrical vessels.

    Their innovative linear precision function ensures smooth, accurate, fast-aligning, levelling, and fitting up of the cans. They adapt to accommodate varying sizes of the vessel, minimising handling and maximising operator safety.

    Key Plant growing line and automated can joining systems enable individual motorised adjustment of each axis under load, the work piece sections can be manipulated left, right, up, down (X, Y, Z axis) to join the cans together.

    We manufacture linear precision systems with ball screw operation for smooth precision control and hydraulic options for thin wall material.

    Key Plant growing line and ACJS systems reduce time & cost, increase customer productivity and gives a consistence to the fitting up and joining of cans.

    • Proven to optimize production by over 60%.
    • High quality and consistent welding results decreases rework projects.
    • Increases safety – the vessel/workpieces are in full control from start to finish of the fabrication process.

    FIT UP BEDS - Aligns two vessels during fit up process prior to welding.

    GROWING LINES - Optimize production of large diameter, cylindrical vessels.

    TRANSFER STATION - Transfers the vessel/workpiece to next production phase.

    ACJS SYSTEMS - Automated can joining systems for thin wall material.