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    United Precision Services, a leading provider of turnkey medium to large CNC machine tool solutions, announced a strategic partnership agreement with MicroStep to be the authorized importer, distributor, and service provider of MicroStep plasma, oxyfuel, fiber laser, waterjet, pipe & profile, and structural beam processing machinery for North America.

    This activity will be supported throught a separate division responsible for fabrication machinery sales, installation, training, and service.  A 25-year veteran of the fabrication industry, United Precision's John Prevish, National Sales Manager, was selected to manage and grow the business.

    Learn more about MicroStep's line of fabrication machinery and related services offered through United Precision Services by visiting https://www.UnitedPrecisionServices.com

    MicroStep was established in 1991 and today ranks among the world's largest producers of plasma, fiber laser, oxyfuel, waterjet - along with a variety of supplemental equipment solutions and software for beveling, drilling, milling, tapping, countersinking, marking, pipe & profile, and automated material handling.


  • MicroStep DRM-series
    Heavy-duty cutting, beveling, drilling, and milling machine designed for a wide range of dome, plate, and tube processing applications....

  • The robust gantry enables vibration-free operation of heavy equipment such as several automatic oxyfuel triple torches, a 3D Rotator with tilting up to 120-degrees, and Z-axis stroke up to 1,500 mm (59").

    DRM offers special applications on domes like trimming, separation cuts, cutting of diverse openings, and weld preparation across the entire dome surface.  An advanced 3D scanning process with MicroStep's mScan technology allows the machine to achieve excellent spatial precision in 3D cutting.

    A version of the machine with drilling table and a selection of powerful drilling tool stations up to 55 kW allows for heavy-duty drilling of construction plate, tube, and other demanding drilling jobs.