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  • Our versatile Randbright (dry/wet) Centerless Deburring, Finishing and Polishing Machines and Systems run a variety of abrasive belts, finishing wheels, wire brushes, and buffing wheels for grinding, finishing, deburring, polishing, and cleaning. Our machines are a modular design utilizing common platforms, muli-head configuration, and locally sourced component parts. This allows maximum flexibility when building a machine specifically for you.

    The only true grit that remains is us. Randbright.
    Since 1972.



    RB 10 (Dry)
    A portable, benchtop compact machine

    RB 30/60D (Dry)
    Ideal for a large variety of cylindrical parts using abrasive belts and finishing wheels

    RB 60W (Wet)
    Same great features as the RB 60D configured with a paper bed filter, stainless steel collection trays and coolent nozzles

    RB 80/120 (Dry/Wet)
    Designed for large diameter parts; available in 1-4 head models for single pass flow

    RB 80 RC Brushing Machine
    Designed to use in the electric motor manufacturingindustry to remove flashing on electric motor rotors after the die cast operation

    Just a few of the industries we serve include:­

    Grinding, Cleaning, Deburring, Deslagging, Finishing, Polishing

    Medical Device
    Deburring, Finishing, Polishing

    Cleaning, Deburring, Finishing

    Electrical Motors & Pumps
    Deflashing, Finishing, Polishing

    Architectural Tube and Pipe
    Grinding, Deburring, Finishing, Polishing

    Grinding, Deburring, Finishing, Polishing

    Plumbing Tube and Pipe
    Deburring, Finishing, Polishing

    Fire Suppression
    Deburring, Finishing


    Come see us at FABTECH 2022!
    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Booth #C10657

  • The newest Randbright RB 80D System has been customized for Dana Incorporated, a Tier 1 automotive component supplier. This robust system is designed for cleaning mill scale and surface contaminants prior to welding. To see a video demonstration of this machine, please visit our website's homepage at: www.randbright.com.

    Randbright Series machines are engineered and manufactured in the USA. We offer centerless machines that deliver Big Results. Our reliability and greater efficiency come with a smaller footprint, providing customers with a greater ROI and more productivity per square foot.

    The only true grit that remains is us. Randbright.

  • Looking to automate your manufacturing systems with a cylindrical (centerless) finishing machine? Visit us at FABTECH 2022, Booth #C10657 and let the experts show you how.

    With unmatched precision and continuous automation, Randbright machines offer superior options to manual centerless grinding. If you need to process many parts at once, a cyclindrical finishing machine can automate results through one of three grinding processes that remove material from a workpiece through abrasive cutting or grindings. In most cases, the part is round and needs to be ground to a specific flat angle, but the material can be shaped into any desired form.

    Benefits & Advantages include:

    • Longer life span
    • Faster loading times
    • No resetting equipment
    • Better with fragile materials
    • Tighter tolerances and no deflections
    • Smoother finishes and straighter lines
    • Higher production rates for high volumes

    Serving 100s of industries, Randbright machines and systems deliver simple, efficient and effective solutions for your production line. Our Randbright machines are a prime example of how we advance with technology so you can receive the most efficient machines. With our grinding machines, you can increase production speed and eliminate the need for hand-grinding.

    Come see us at FABTECH 2022, Hall C, Booth #C10657
    See ya there!



  • RB 60 (Dry/Wet) Centerless Finishing
    The Randbright RB 60 Dry/Wet Series are centerless, outside diameter deburring, finishing and polishing machines ideal for a variety of cylindrical parts using abrasive belts and finishing wheels. The only true grit that remains is us. Randbright....

  • RB 60 D/W Standard Features

    • Heavy-duty welded steel frame
    • Rubber-coated feed drum with handwheel adjusted skew angle and mechanical counter 
    • Electronic variable speed feed drum control
    • Head assembly(s) mounted on dovetail slides with mechanical counter
    • TEFC-rated abrasive belt/wheel motor with large diameter spindle
    • Digital ammeter for each head assembly
    • Large diameter contact drum and idler roller are high speed balanced
    • Pneumatic-loaded idler roller with mechanical tracking system
    • Handwheel adjusted part diameter and head pressure
    • Handwheel adjusted guide blade supports with standard UHMW inserts 
    • 24 volt electric control panel with push button controls 
    • 3M #356 flanges, abrasive belts and Scotch-Brite™ wheels
    • Available in belt head, brush head and/or buff head (dry only) configurations

    RB 60D (Dry Only)

    • Dust Collection Pickup(s)

    RB 60W (Wet Only)

    • Manual paper bed filter with clean tank, sludge bin and clean fluid return pump (single head) 
    • Automatic paper bed filter with 10 GPM flow rate and 45 gallon tank (multiple head) 
    • Two (2) flexible coolant nozzles per head
    • Stainless steel catch pan to contain water/coolant

    RB 60D/W Specifications

    Motor: 5 HP with 1.25' diameter spindle

    Feed Drum: 18" X 7.25"

    Abrasive Belt Size: 4" X 90"

    Abrasive Wheel Size: 4" X 12"

    Maximum Part Diameter: 6"