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About ARKU

ARKU, founded in 1928 as a family owned company, is the world market leader in roller levelers and press feeding technology with more than 50 years of experience. ARKU offers the most extensive range of high-capacity and precision levelers, as well as deburring and edge rounding machines. This extensive portfolio is completed with the addition of parts handling solutions for leveling and deburring machines.

With its headquarters in Baden-Baden, Germany, and ISO-certified facilities in Cincinnati (USA) and Kunshan (China), the company operates in nearly 30 countries worldwide. ARKU offers toll processing services in our three leveling and deburring center locations with state-of-the-art high performance machines.
The product range comprises precision levelers, deburring and edge rounding machines for parts, automated parts handling via robots, in-line levelers, cut-to-length lines, press feeding lines and coil entry lines for roll formers. ARKU provides engineering expertise to many manufacturing industries, including automotive, railroad equipment, shipbuilding, construction and furniture, as well as laser job shops and others.

 Press Releases

  • Deburring has never been easier

    At FABTECH 2022 in Atlanta, ARKU Inc. will be demonstrating how deburring has become easier than ever before. Experience it firsthand at Booth 9053, Hall B. Drastic time savings are made possible thanks to a new and intelligent software called the ARKU Wizard. It can be seen live in action for the first time at the trade show in Atlanta. With this innovation, which is brand new on the market, the German-based machine manufacturer is also demonstrating its technological leadership.

    Adjust processing settings during deburring completely automated

    With the Wizard, users only have to enter basic data about the parts
    (thickness, material type, etc.). The software then calculates the optimum tools and processing settings itself. This means that even novice employees can operate the deburring machines. While skilled workers are still hard to find, this proves to be an immense help for fabricators.

    During live demonstrations, the Wizard will be in operation on an EdgeBreaker® 6000 deburring machine at FABTECH at booth 9053, Hall B. This machine is the latest addition in ARKU's deburring portfolio. The experts from ARKU have designed it specifically to meet the needs of laser job shops. This means that the EdgeBreaker® 6000 is extremely flexible. Its vacuum conveyor and rotary brushes enable exceptionally uniform edge rounding, if desired, even up to 2 mm radius is possible.

    Deburring tools ensure ideal performance

    ARKU draws the know-how for the Wizard not only from its own deburring machines. The machine builder will also be showcasing its wide range of deburring tools at the trade show. Interested parties can therefore obtain advice at FABTECH on the optimal interaction of machine, tools and software.

    Another ARKU machine for quality assurance when it comes to sheet metal processing at FABTECH 2022 is the FlatMaster® 55 precision leveler. The rollers used in our FlatMaster® series can eliminate residual stresses in parts, sheets and plates from 0.5 to 15 millimeters (0.02“ – 0.59“) thick. Subsequent processes become much more efficient, reliable, and accurate. Our largest FlatMaster model can even level heavy plates and parts up to 60 millimeters thick (2.36”). Whether it be welding, cutting, or bending - both man and machine are able to process flat and stress-free parts, sheets and plates without any rework. The leveling process takes only a few seconds and achieves consistent high-quality results. The FlatMaster® series offers servo-hydraulic leveling gap control and is equipped with hydraulic overload protection to protect the drive and leveling unit.

    There will also be live demonstrations on this machine at the trade show.

    Booth 9053, Hall B


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    For the first time at FABTECH in Atlanta the EdgeBreaker® 6000 deburring machine can be seen at ARKU at Booth 9053 in Hall B.

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