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  • WISER ATLAS Locating & Tracking System
    WISER Systems, a UWB real time location and tracking (RTLS) technology delivering scalable real-time location in nearly any indoor or outdoor environment introduces, WISER ATLAS, for high-density tracking allowing you to track thousands of assets....

  • WISER ATLAS, Ultra-wideband (UWB) Antenna Nodes and Tracker Tags signal to one another to establish a wireless mesh. WISER’s tracking software calculates inch-level tag coordinates from these signals and overlays live, real-time asset locations on a site map or floor plan, continuously and autonomously locating any in-mesh asset affixed with a WISER tag. Real-time data can also be integrated into software systems using WISER’s API or into virtually any database using WISER’s direct-to-database linkup feature.

    • Locate key materials around the clock, reliably, typically with inches-accurate location data.
    • Automate your inventory with immediate visibility of all key assets, indoors or outdoors.
    • Track accurately in heavy industry, maintaining top performance where legacy solutions fail.
    • Eliminate manual scanning, searching, status updates, and other error-prone processes.
    • Track assets for years at a time, thanks to low power requirements.
    • Configurable battery life.
    • Reduce installation costs with plug-and-play deployment, auto-calibration
    • Continuous location, even through walls and obstacles.
    • Operate in concert with existing asset tracking systems like barcodes or RFID.
    • Scale your tracking project for nearly any number of tagged assets or size of setting.