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    MCS Fabtech Show Preview: Booth B8729

    This year’s Fabtech show Messer Cutting Systems will focus will be the new and innovative compact footprint Element 400L Unitized the versatile Element 400 gantry cutting machines

    This US-manufactured cutting machine has acceleration and speeds that can support multiple laser or plasma heads with no loss of performance. These cutting machines have the flexibility to be equipped with many customized options such as plasma beveling, laser beveling, oxy-fuel cutting, and marking. Both machines at the show will be equipped with the plasma Bevel-S with a C-axis rotation of ± 540° for maximum efficiency. This beveller has scored well in the market for its excellent dynamic behavior.

    Our Applications Engineers will be providing live cutting demonstrations on both machines to showcase the latest in plasma bevel cutting and oxyfuel cutting techniques.

    Another central focus to this machine: is the Global Connect Control and the OmniFab software suite. This software is taking the industry by storm due to advanced digital optimization for plate processing with a focus on Industry 4.0, and IoT with material handling solutions.

    Creating solutions beyond machines.

    Improving productivity through the entire workflow of the thermal cutting process, we will focus on taking a holistic approach. There are many pieces to the manufacturing puzzle of the cutting process and one of the pieces is production software. Our IT professionals will be demonstrating the latest OmniFab production software. This is a tailor-made solution for order-related production to increase efficiency. It integrates Messer engineering technology into our customer’s workflow from the office to production on the factory floor, typically used in conjunction with material handling.  

    Aftersales and service capabilities.

    Our service teams will be on hand to discuss the service and maintenance packages offered with a purchase of a new machine. The service department will be providing live demonstrations of our remote Visual and Virtual Services. These are advanced tools that truly offer an “over-the-shoulder” support experience for the customer. For maintenance and errors, the benefit to end users is a much quicker return to production when an issue occurs and a higher “first-time fix rate”. Rapid resolutions using remote tools eliminate the lost time waiting for a Technician to arrive on site and the costs for that on-site visit.

    We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Fabtech show.


  • Element 400L Unitized
    The all-new Messer Element 400L Unitized cutting machine is the future of large format laser cutting up to 20kW. This machine supports plasma and laser beveling and marking....

  • Messer Cutting Systems is a premier manufacturer of unitized and gantry thermal cutting machines. This machine is manufactured in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. 

    The new Element 400L Unitized cutting machine has acceleration and speeds that can support two laser or plasma heads with no loss of performance. Also joining the Element400L Unitized will be the all-new Bevel-U, this high-precision bevel unit supports laser beveling up to 50 degrees.  The higher acceleration of the new Element 400L Unitized will provide a better cut quality with vertical or bevel cutting surpassing any of the competition. 

    The Element 400L Unitized is available for order today and will be featured at this year's Fabtech show, 2022. The show machine will feature the Bevel-S with Hypertherm 400XD plasma system.