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 Press Releases

  • COE Showcases Precision Straightener Components at FABTECH
    Invites Visitors to “Come Feel the Difference that COE Makes”

    At FABTECH 2022 in booth #B5729, COE Press Equipment will be showcasing components from Precision Power Straighteners, illustrating the difference that can be found inside COE's series of coil processing equipment. COE originally launched its AHSS-capable straightener in 2016, which featured increased gear face widths by 15%, roll journal size by 20%, enhanced outboard support, new idler shafts, improved backup design and other updates. Importantly, at that time, the straighteners also increased work roll penetration by a third, helping achieve the material flatness required to properly feed AHSS.

    COE has continued to evolve this design for processing a wide range of materials, including dual- and triple-phase steels of yield strengths up to 300 KSI. These straighteners have proven that they can consistently achieve a level of flatness appropriate for highly precise applications, potentially saving money for customers while enabling them to handle more tight tolerance orders. This includes the ability to process fine blanking and laser cut blanking applications.

    COE is revealing some of the componentry inside these straighteners, enabling visitors to gain insight into part of what make’s COE’s equipment so robust and reliable. For more information on its Precision Straighteners, visit Precision Coil Straighteners
  • COE Announces “Science Behind the Solution” Calculators
    Equipment Capability and Optimization Proven by Data

    COE Press Equipment has announced its “Science Behind the Solution” calculators, a series of software utilities based upon actual FEA data used to both prove to customers that proposed coil processing equipment can meet their processing requirements, as well as optimizing various operations. COE will be running demonstrations of its Coil Calculator and CTL Calculator in Booth #B5729  at FABTECH.

    "Since the introducction of dual and triple phase steels, we've seen customers sold equipment that was promised to process these materials, but unable to deliver," said COE President Reid Coe. “Our engineering department built these calculators to verify that our equipment can withstand the forces generated in any particular application so that companies can be confident in their investment." 

    The calculators require COE to plug in customer parameters, such as material to be processed, required speeds, etc., and once the information is entered, a special algorithm indicates the processing requirements of the equipment. COE has calculators that help determine the right processing equipment as well as ones that can help determine optimal operating parameters.

    For example, at FABTECH COE will take input from visitors for use with its Coil Calculator. This simply requires input of the coil ID, OD and width. From there, COE calculates the coil weight, as well as run time of the coil, and parts per coil, allowing customers to better plan production and quote new work.  Additionally, fabricators interested in seeing the feasibility of an in-house blanking line can consult with COE using their CTL Calculator, which helps to see if there is value to be gained investing in this piece of equipment.

    COE is encouraging stampers to ask for actual data from any of their coil processing suppliers that can prove out the performance capability of any proposed equipment. Additionally, COE is offering to work with companies to evaluate other offerings, helping ensure that they are getting the right equipment for their processing needs.

  • At FABTECH 2022 in booth #B5729, COE Press Equipment is inviting visitors to their booth to view its “Everything Coil” educational series and to submit topics for the company to cover in this video series in the future. COE developed this series to help address the workforce shortage, providing resources for training and troubleshooting that can help stampers and fabricators stay productive. Hosted by COE President Reid Coe, the “Everything Coil” materials are easy-to-access and understand, providing the basics of coil processing as well as simple ‘how-to’ information to improve current coil equipment operations.

    The materials are available in short videos or as white papers and can be accessed from the company’s website at Everything Coil Education Series | COE Press (

    The “Everything Coil” is an ongoing series. People who submit topics, will receive credit notes if the video is produced and posted. 


  • "Science Behind the Solution" Calculators
    COE Press Equipment will feature technology hubs to create the COE EXPERIENCE. Visitors can partake in an VR demonstration, gain insight into processes as the Smart Manufacturing Decisions station, or participate in other hands-on demonstrations. ...

  • COE Press Equipment will feature a group of technology hubs that together create the COE EXPERIENCE.  Visitors can partake in an Virtual Reality demonstration, visit the Smart Manufacturing Decisions station, or participate in other demonstrations that illustrate COE’s equipment and service differentiators.

    At the VR hub, visitors will be virtually transported to a fabrication facility to experience an operating COE 72” Cut-to-Length line. At another station, COE team members will take specifications from visitors and run data through the company’s proprietary Science Behind the Solution™ calculators, assisting in better decision-making regarding equipment needs and performance optimization.  For example, COE’s “Coil Calculator” analyzes coil weight based on width/ID/OD, as well as providing coil run time and parts/coil, allowing customers to better plan production and quote new work.

    The “COE EXPERIENCE” is intended to help customers make the best coil processing equipment decision for their needs.