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  • Xiris Weld Monitoring Cameras
    Xiris Weld Cameras provide the clearest views of the brightest features of a weld arc while still being able to see the surrounding darker background areas such as the weld pool and weld seam and are suitable for a wide range of applications....

  • XVC-1000e Weld Camera

    The Xiris XVC-1000e/1100e Weld Camera delivers all the benefits of the XVC-1000 camera but is designed to maximize usability for the welding and additive manufacturing industry with, +140 dB high dynamic range capability, integrated solid state lighting, arc detection, motorized focus, in a ruggedized housing with integrated cooling, and easily replaceable protective windows.

    The XVC-1000e/1100e is intended for reliable remote monitoring of all open arc processes such as MIG/MAG, TIG, Plasma, Laser, Stick Welding and Additive Manufacturing, up to 100 m away. Each camera also includes three high intensity LEDs to help illuminate darker work environments when no welding is present, and to provide enhanced detail when welding is on. 

    To learn more about the XVC-1000e, visit www.xiris.com/xiris-xvc-1000e

    XVC-1000 Weld Camera

    The Xiris XVC-1000/1100 Weld Camera combines a spectacular 140+dB High Dynamic Range capability with power over Ethernet, a full suite of welding-specific imaging software tools, and a host of unique features to provide unprecedented image quality of a variety of welding and laser processes.

    With uncompromising performance and compatibility with a large array of C mount optics and accessories, the XVC-1000 is easy to integrate and use. It's ideal for most R&D, training, and OEMs for all welding processes and Additive Manufacturing. 

    To learn more about the XVC-1000, visit www.xiris.com/xiris-xvc-1000

    XVC-700 Weld Camera

    The Xiris XVC-700 Weld Camera packs high performance into its slimline package. Featuring High Dynamic Range (HDR) in excess of 140db, angled optics head configurations ranging from 0° to 90° and, GigE Interface with PoE, the all-digital XVC-700 takes weld imaging where it has never been able to go before. The straight camera weighs 89g, and squeezes into a slight 22 x 22 x 107mm frame before optics are mounted.

    Industry standard S–mount lens holder, multiple mounting points, status LED and a glass UV/IR filter round out the superior usability of the XVC-700. Plus, with a maximum power consumption of only 6W on PoE, you can be confident that the Xiris XVC-700 will fit your next application. 

    To learn more about the XVC-700, visit www.xiris.com/xiris-xvc-700

    XIR-1800 Thermal Camera

    The XIR-1800 Thermal Camera provides operators of Metal Additive Manufacturing machines a clear view of the weld torch, its immediate background, and previously deposited material from prior machine passes.

    Skilled operators are then able to use these clear images to make fine adjustments to ensure the torch, wire, or powder does not deviate from its ideal path, optimizing material deposition and overlap during challenging metal additive applications. 

     To learn more about the XIR-1800, visit www.xiris.com/xiris-xir-1800

    NEW - XVC-S100 Weld Camera

    We will be spotlighting our all new XVC-S100, a ruggedized color weld camera designed to remotely view and monitor Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) processes, leading to improved operator safety and efficiency.

    Be sure to visit our booth to learn more about this product! 

    Weld Video Libraries

    To view our Weld Monitoring Video Library, visit blog.xiris.com/video-library

    For our Weld Thermal Video Library, visit blog.xiris.com/weld-thermal-video-library