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  • TITAN Catalytic Refurbishment Program
    Catalytic Heater Refurbishment Program with one-week turnaround....

  • TITAN Catalytic is now accepting manufacturers of catalytic heaters for refurbishment.

    TITAN utilizes our propriety “high temperature” platinum catalyst for replacement pads, coupled with our protective scrim cover material to bring rebuilds back to their original heat output specification.

    Fully tested for pre-heat function, thermo-switch safety operation, gas tight integrity as well as heat output levels.

    Packaged and returned same week allowing you to cycle through old worn-out ovens to regain line speeds required at a fraction of the cost of new heater panels!

  • NikoTrack Overhead Drop Lift
    NikoTrack's Drop-Lift devices allow for an in-line lifting station for loading/unloading parts onto an overhead conveyor....

  • NikoTrack’s Drop-Lift devices allow for a in-line lifting station for loading/unloading parts onto an overhead conveyor. Using a Drop-Lift allows the user to free up vital floor space with no additional equipment needed to lift the parts onto the conveyor. Having the ability to load/unload in line allows for a more ergonomic and lean approach to material handling at the first and last stages of a conveyors function. The Drop-Lift station is supplied as complete kit, including all necessary safety features concerning security of the flight bar. At both fixed ends of the entrance and exit of the movable track piece there are additional mechanical and pneumatic devices, which close the open ends (when the movable track piece is not in motion). These devices also stop any movement of load carriers, that approach the drop-lift station from the

    conveyor system.