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  • HAEUSLER BENDtronic® CNC Plate Rolling Software
    Introduction of the latest Evolution of the HAEUSLER CNC Plate Rolling Software BENDtronic®. Includes new bending tools and optimized AI self-learning features....


    Haeusler has just released the new version of the BENDtronic® CNC Plate Rolling Software.

    Our goal was to develop a simple and intuitive user interface leading the operator through highly complex plate bending processes. Thanks to our artificial intelligent BENDtronic® system, users can reliably deal with unknown materials and obtain perfect bending results.

    The revolutionary BENDtronic® of HAEUSLER enables everyone to control not only the movements of the machine but the bending result itself. The graphically supported software allows single-pass as well as multi-pass plate rolling and can be used for any kind of product shape like cylinders and pipes, ovals, tanks or other more complex geometries even up to S-shaped workpieces. The BENDtronic® contains various auxiliary tools which optimally support the operator.

    BENDtronic® comes with the follow "Tools" for optimized plate rolling:

    CAPACITY CALCULATOR shows whether the desired workpiece can be bent or not. In addition, the required amount of power of the machine is calculated, as well as the remaining straight ends and the expected plate springback (smallest possible diameter).

    SINGLE RADIUS MULTI PASS generates a CNC program for rolling cylinders in automatic mode, also applicable for bending in several passes. Integrated AI (artificial intelligence) will help to achieve best bending results right with the first plate.

    APPLE CALCULATOR calculates the different possibilities to achieve the usually desired “apple shape” geometry of a cylindrical part that suits best for easiest calibration (re-rolling) of the welded cylinder.

    MULTI-RADII CALCULATOR generates a CNC program for complex geometries, again the integrated AI (artificial intelligence) will help to achieve best bending results right with the first plate.

    CONE CALCULATOR supports the operator actively when bending cones. The software calculates if and how an individual cone can be bent on the machine. Furthermore, the required inclination of the rolls and the required pinch pressures are calculated.

    CALIBRATION CALCULATOR calculates if re-rolling (calibration) is possible after the shell has been welded. Tells how many steps are needed to getting best roundness of calibrated shells.