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  • No matter what your current manufacturing process is, if you have a problem with fumes that create a hazard for your employees then the best solution to control this is using a source capture system. So, what exactly is “Source Capture”? Source capture involves utilizing hoods and/or hoses to extract the harmful particulates at or near the generation source. This is done to prevent the contamination from migrating to other parts of the facility and putting other people/employees at risk as well. Throughout the years, source capture has proven time and time again to be the most effective means of capturing harmful fumes and welding fume extraction arms / snorkels are the most used product to accomplish this. 

    What Applications Are Welding Fume Extraction Arms Typically Used In?

    Most applications that you’ll find welding fume extraction arms in are welding, grinding, heat removal, dust, etc. There are always new applications being discovered where extraction arms are needed. Some typical workplaces / environments include:

    ·        Industrial Processes

    ·        Schools, including technical, welding, automotive, etc.

    ·        Maintenance work areas

    ·        Powder dumping applications

    ·        Blending applications

    ·        Oil Mist

    ·        Hoods that need to be moved in and out frequently

    ·        Pharmaceutical and Food Processing Plants

    ·        Laboratories

    What Sizes Do Extraction Arms Come in?

    While the size of the welding fume extraction arm you need greatly depends on application and surface area needed to cover (as well as fan capabilities), you’ll find extractions arms that range from 3” – 8” diameter and 3’ – 14’ in length. These variety of arms will also have CFM requirements that range from 350 CFM – 1000 CFM. While extraction arms have a typical range of 3” – 8” diameter, you’ll find that the hood on these arms are typically much bigger than the arm diameter. This is so that you can have a wider source capture coverage. Most extraction arms on the market also have pivoting and bending capabilities. This especially come in handy when needing to move the arm out of the way at the end of day.

    How Do I Install an Extraction Arm?

    Each welding fume extraction arm varies from manufacturer to manufacturer when it comes to installation as each product is different. However, most manufacturers have options for either hanging your arm from a wall or ceiling or an option for mounting your arm in a standing position on a workbench / table. You’ll find that extraction arms are typically shipped with all of the hardware necessary for the arm; however, some arms require quite a bit of assembly before actually installing. Once the arm in mounted, you’ll need to make sure your duct work is ran from the collector or fan to your arm. Most companies will hire Mechanical Contractors for this portion of the job.

    What Should I Look for When Purchasing an Extraction Arm?

    When searching for a welding fume extraction arm, you must first know what your application calls for. There are applications where only certain materials can be used (such as stainless steel) and there are applications where there are extreme dangers of explosiveness where only an ATEX rated arm can be used. However, for general purposes we recommend an extraction arm that:

    ·        Is durable, robust, and virtually maintenance free

    ·        Is self-supporting with smooth, low-friction control

    ·        Is flexible in all directions and simple to position

    ·        Allows rotation of up to 350 degrees

    ·        Comes pre-assembled and easy to install

    ·        Equipped with an internal damper near the hood

    ·        Smooth Tube or flexible hose outer shell.

    ·        Can have spare parts readily shipped to you if needed.

    ·        Is easy to work on if needed

    ·        Can withstand high temperatures for long periods of time (metal / steel)

    What Else Should I Know About Extraction Arms / Snorkels?

    Even though we are just scratching the service with information on extraction arms, it might be helpful to know that there are plenty of addition accessories to go along with your welding fume extractions arm. These accessories include:

    ·        Extensions Boom for reaching further than 14’

    ·        Wall, Ceiling, and Floor Stanchion for mounting in remote locations

    ·        Over-sized Hoods for larger source capture

    ·        Light Kits

    ·        Higher Temperature rated Hose

    IAP Air Products offers a full line of welding fume extraction arms / snorkels that can be utilized to safely control process fumes, dust, and smoke. For more information contact us via the website or sales@iap-airproducts.com.

  • 1)     Flexibility/Ease of Operation

    Safety equipment needs to be flexible and easy to use to ensure acceptance by the welder. Companies can install safeguards, but they are useless unless they are used. Therefore, flexible source capture is needed with ease of operation, fast and simple adjustment. The IAP fume arms come equipped with convenient grab handles, and exterior hardware making adjustments quick and easy. These features are critical to help the welder position the fume arm.

    2)     Self-supporting:

    When the welder sets the fume extraction arm to his comfortable working position, it needs to remain in position. Also, since the arm is self-supporting it means that the workplace is free from trip hazards and clutter. The support spring (hanging fume arms) or gas shock (standing fume arms), and friction discs in the IAP fume arms allow for easy adjustment and the fume arm to be self-supporting. The fume arms are mounted using the hanging mount bracket supplied.

    3)     Range of motion

    The fume extraction arm should have plenty of motion. The IAP arms come equipped with a rotating base that allows for 355-degree movement of the fume arm. The hood connected to the extraction arm aids in flexibility with its grab handle that extends all the way around the hood. As a result, the welder is easily able to set the extraction arm in any position he decides.

    4)     Variable lengths

    Depending on your application, you may require different lengths of reach for your welding fume extraction arm. The IAP arms are available in different lengths. The fume arms are typically between 7’ and 14’ long. The correct fume arm length should be selected for optimal positioning on the worktable. If additional length is required, extension booms are available in 10’ and 20’ lengths.

    5)     Variable operating options

     A welding fume extraction arm needs to be capable of working in a wide variety of working environments. This could be welding booths, over individual worktables, mounted to extension booms or walls/ceilings mounted. The IAP welding fume extraction arm is designed to be connected to a direct mount fan, a mobile extraction unit, or ducted into a central collector or filter assembly unit.

    For more questions on welding fume extraction, get in touch with Josh Cannon, Sales@iap-airproducts.com.

  • It can often be difficult to decide what kind of welding fume extraction arm you need, whether standard or telescopic. Here are some reasons and applications where these products work their best. 

    Standard Fume Extraction Arms

    1. These fume arms are GREAT in any industrial/manufacturing application where you want your product to be robust enough for industrial use. 

    2. These fume arms are great in any high spark welding application. With there being more ridged tubing than flex hose, there’s less chance for the sparks to burn through. However, we still recommend going to a higher grade of specialty hose for this application and the use of spark protectors. 

    3. Due to the external joints and hardware, these standard fume arms can be used in a wider variety of applications that arms with internal hardware just won’t last in. These applications include: Oil Mist, Dust, Powder, etc. 

    4. Also due to the external hardware, these arms are VERY easy to work on and adjust when the time comes!

    Telescopic Fume Extraction Arms

    1. These telescoping fume arms are great in areas where space might be a little limited. For example, welding booths. 

    2. These extraction arms are great where safety is a BIG priority. Particularly, schools where students are typically not always on guard. These fume arms are primarily flex hose so there’s a lot less to hit your head on!

    3. When you’re having to be mindful of your budget, these telescopic arms are typically at a low to  mid-range price point!

    4. Telescopic arms are built for welding smoke, fume extraction. While there may be other applications to use these in, you’ll want to stay away from applications that can gunk up the internal hardware!

    5. Lastly, these arms are great because of the limited number of parts. Should you need to replace any parts on your telescopic arm, there are typically only a handful of parts that makeup the entire arm!

    We believe that IAP Air Products welding fume extraction arms carry all of these best qualities. No matter which style you decide is best for your application, we hope you’ll give us a chance and if you need any help deciding which style is best for you, we are more than happy to help!


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  • IAP Air Products offers a full line of Welding Fume Extraction Arms / Snorkels that can be utilized to safely control process fumes, dust, and smoke. Extraction Arms / Snorkels are specially designed for working environments with fumes, light dust, and smoke; where source capture is desired before the contamination has spread into the work environment and could be inhaled. The applications can be welding, grinding, or other industrial processes where an easily positioned welding fume extraction arm is required.