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 Press Releases

  • Ionbond’s low-friction, abrasion-resistant coatings

    For lightweight design, forming high-strength aluminum is essential. Conquer the challenges of adhesion and abrasion with the multilayer Ionbond™ 42 coating, combining the best of DLC and nitride hard coatings.

    Would you like to know more about Ionbond 42™?

    If you want to learn more about the background of forming high-strength aluminum, and about the development process of our Ionbond™ 42 coating, read our article in Stamping Journal. To discuss your aluminum forming application and increasing your production process and product quality with Ionbond 42™, please send an email to Dr. Tobias Brögelmann, Ionbond’s global segment manager forming and molding tools (formingmolding@ionbond.com).

  • Ionbond Tetrabond™ drastically reduces the scrap rate

    Ionbond has developed the Tetrabond™ coating as part of our forming and molding tool coating portfolio. It is an economical solution that ensures excellent product quality of stamped parts and increases the productivity of highly automated stamping processes by drastically reducing the scrap rate. Tetrabond™ is a non-hydrogenated tetrahedral amorphous carbon (ta-C) coating that belongs to the class of diamond-like carbon coatings. It was tailored to the specific need of forming tools with a sp3 ratio (sp3/(sp3+sp2)) between 60% and 70% and a hardness above 3,000 HV0.02.


    • Is a thin and extremely hard coating designed to maintain maximum forming tolerance and edge sharpness
    • Has an abrasion resistance comparable to nanocrystalline diamond coatings deposited by chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
    • Has an extremely smooth surface
    • Has a minimum adhesion tendency (anti-sticking) towards non-ferrous metals
    • And has a very low coefficient of friction.

    That makes it the perfect match for trimming aluminum alloys.

    Would you like to know more?

    If you are interested in the technical data of our Tetrabond™ coating, download our factsheet for Tetrabond™ from our website at https://www.ionbond.com/coating-services/forming-molding-tools/coating-portfolio/tetrabond/

    If you would like to discuss your sheet metal forming process and the potential of our Tetrabond™ coating to improve your productivity and increase product quality, please contact the global segment manager forming and molding tools at Ionbond, Dr. Tobias Brögelmann, via email at formingmolding@ionbond.com.

  • The global trend in automotive engineering of the future is lightweight design: improving fuel economy while maintaining strength for passenger safety. This drives the use of demanding workpiece materials such as ultra-high strength steels (UHSS) or high strength aluminum. It also increases demand for advanced manufacturing techniques such as press hardening. But even outside lightweight design, automotive is a complex industry which includes:

    • Many different components in the powertrain, suspension and body, such as sheet metal parts for doors, fenders, roof and hood and structural parts such as A and B pillars
    • Many substrate materials – different steel grades, from low-alloy steels to advanced high-strength steels (AHSS), as well as non-ferrous metals such as magnesium and aluminum alloys
    • Various forming and molding technologies, including stamping, trimming, piercing, blanking, as well as hot forging, die casting and extrusion

    This complexity requires excellent frictional and wear behavior and corrosion resistance of coated forming and molding tools. With our coatings, Ionbond helps ensure high productivity, maximum availability and excellent product quality with minimized scrap rates. 

    As the surface engineers at Ionbond, we developed coating solutions for every automotive forming and molding application. Together, let’s find the coating solution to drive success.

    Find out more about our solutions for automotive forming applications

    Download the factsheets for our premium coatings on https://www.ionbond.com/coating-services/forming-molding-tools/coating-portfolio/:

    Ionbond 35 for aluminum high pressure die casting 

    Ionbond 90 for cold forming steel

    Ionbond 95 for hot forging steel

    Ionbond 42 for trimming aluminum 

    Tetrabond for trimming aluminum


  • Duplex Tool Coatings
    Duplex tool coatings are Ionbond’s latest portfolio offering for demanding forming & molding applications. These coatings integrate plasma nitriding, and help our customers ensure improved productivity, reduced downtime and extended machine availability....

  • Duplex tool coatings for a wide range of applications

    With its state-of-the-art PVD production machines, Ionbond offers duplex coatings for a wide range of forming applications. The combination of plasma nitriding with the established high-performance PVD coatings from the broad Ionbond coating portfolio can address the most challenging forming applications, ensuring high productivity, minimized scrap rate and an excellent product quality.

    How Ionbond's duplex coating can help to boost the performance of your application 

    Depending on the requirements of your forming application, the duplex coating can be applied in two ways:

    • Through in-situ plasma nitriding, running duplex coatings in one batch with nitriding hardness depths below 50μm.
    • Through the two-stage plasma nitriding process. Plasma nitriding of your tools takes place in a dedicated machine followed by PVD coating in a separate coating machine. This produces duplex coatings with nitriding hardness depths above 50μm.

    Ionbond covers the complete manufacturing chain for fast and high-quality coating of your forming tools, including de-coating and mechanical pre- and post-coating treatment.