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  • ipcm_International Paint&Coating Magazine
    ipcm is the smart journal about surface treatments. it is an international, bimonthly technical magazine for the industry of surface treatments and organic and inorganic finishes....

  • ipcm provides technical, scientific and practical information on all types of surface treatment in the general industry: liquid and powder coatings, coil coating, pre-treatment/cleaning, e-coat, anodic oxidation, thin films, PVD and sputtering, paint stripping, shotblasting, chemicals, raw materials, measurement technologies, , material handling, application equipment, coating systems, IR/UV technology.

    The magazine offers exclusive and original content about painting and coating technologies, up-to-date information on products, market insights, reviews of events . It brings together professionals from the surface treatment field and provides networking opportunities and excellent industry contacts.

    ipcm is a primary and authoritative source of information for the decision makers in the surface treatment sectors, such as specifiers, architectural, engineering and design firms, contractors, OEMs and job shop coaters.

    ipcm is a hybrid media: it goes beyond the digital distribution model, on its website and social channels, and it enriches its content offer by using QR Codes (on the paper magazine) or hyperlinks (on the digital version) to expand the articles’ content.

    ipcm is distributed globally, and has an impressive social media reach of thousands of industry professionals.