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  • Booth: BC16221


  • Laser Shield Films
    Laser protection for large windows or doors made easy! With a quick installation, our Laser Shield Film can be applied to transparent surfaces. They cover up to OD5 and by overlaying multiple films, higher protection can be achieved. Free samples!...

  • Need laser protections over large windows or doors? We have the solution for you!

    OptoSigma’s Laser Shield Film can be applied to transparent surfaces such as windows and doors.

    • Made with durable PVC films, it can block wavelengths from 190 - 2500nm, up to OD5 (99.999%).
    • Need higher ODs? Simply overlay one or more of the same YLC laser films, on top each other.
    • Need wider wavelength coverage? Simply overlay different types.
    • Flexible: Cut the laser film to any shape with scissors.
    • Quick installation: simply install the films with water spray. No adhesive needed and reusable.

    Three types of YLC products cover a wide range of laser wavelengths:

    • YLC-2AL (190nm-540nm) Color filter: Clear Orange
    • YLC-3 (585nm-810nm) Color filter: Green
    • YLC-1Plus (266nm-355nm, 1064nm, 808nm-2100nm, 10600nm) Color filter: Blue Gray

    Come to our booth BC16221 to speak with our team or see a quick demo. FREE samples are available!