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 Press Releases

  • Pascal Engineering offers a wide range of quick die change solutions for stamping presses, all of which can automate processes to help improve productivity and reduce downtime. One integral part of a quick die change system is clamping. Pascal’s traveling clamps are driven by an air cylinder which allows their stroke to double. Over 100,000 units of Pascal traveling clamps are in operation on press lines around the world!

    As Fabtech approaches Pascal is pleased to present the new and improved traveling clamp model TRA. Its traveling speed can be hiked up to 1.5 times. (2 seconds for a 600mm stroke) Its base block has been improved to be lightweight aluminum instead of ductile iron and as a result the weight has been reduced by more than 30%. (20kg for 600mm stroke) It comes with a sprocket for smooth traveling action. The roller chain design has been improved to be more lightweight, and the chain structure is more durable even when clamps travel overspeed.


  • Pre-Roller Stand
    Using a pre-roller stand to load the die with a forklift is easier and has fewer pinch points than loading the die directly into the press. With a pre roller, one person can move an 8 ton die! ...

  • Loading the die into the press with a pallet jack can be dangerous. During the process, the die could get damaged, or someone could get hurt due to a pinch point. A pre-roller can eliminate some of these risks because it will smoothly guide the die into position. The pre-roller stands rollers have a larger diameter and are wider than those of a conventional pre-roller. This increases the contact point between the die and the rollers for easier movement in and out of the press.

    A pre-roller can also save additional time for production. With a conventional pre-roller, it takes four times as long to perform a die change, and it requires an additional operator. A pre-roller stand can significantly reduce that time, and it requires fewer operators. A stand is recommended when loading dies that weigh 2 tons or more, are over 1300mm wide, or if die travel is over 1250mm.

    Models with 2 rows and 4 rows are available for varying press sizes and die weights.