LAMPERT Precision Welding

Ettlebener Strasse 27
Werneck 97440
Werneck,  Bavaria  97440

  • Booth: C13311


  • Micro Arc Welder
    Welding of thinnest materials and complex structures with a unique micropulse TIG process – usable on all weldable metals and alloys with minimal heat input: Lampert’s new Micro Arc Welder opens up an entirely new field of precision welding applications....

  • Precision welding on a new level: The Micro Arc Welder uses Lampert's unique micro-pulse welding process and features a retractable electrode with vertical lift in the handpiece. An electric arc is created at retraction from the point where the electrode touches the work piece. This creates a welding of between ~ 0.2 and 4.0 mm in diameter and ~ 0.01 to 1 mm in depth (depending on the material and parameters being used). ​Similarily to common TIG welding devices, Argon gas is used for shielding. This results in a clean and stable weld, both with and without using welding wires.

    The Miro Arc Welder is capable of:
    • Welding of thinnest materials
    • Welding of complex shapes and structures
    • Liquid- and gastight connection of metals and alloys
    • Repair welding and weld cladding
    • Electrical contacting of conductive wires and electronic components
    • Fixing/tacking workpieces for automated brazing or welding
    • Bonding of sensitive surfaces without unfavorable structural or visual impact