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United States
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  • KUKA Robotic Friction Stir Welding
    Complex Challenges Solved with Robotic Friction Stir Welding. Friction stir welding is the optimal joining process for non-ferrous metals with a low melting temperature and for mixed-metal combinations....

  • Visitors of the KUKA booth will see our Robotic Friction Stir Weld process demonstrating its widespread applicability, reliability, speed and weld strength

    KUKA has engineered the cost-effective KUKA cell4_FSW modules to provide up to 95% more process efficiency and maximize the available configuration options for manufacturers. Used for both 2D and 3D welding tasks, the modules are scalable and accommodate either one or two 6-axis robots. Shops can arrange several workpiece clamping tools in the working area of the cell so that robots can work simultaneously on larger components if needed.

    FSW ensures top weld quality 

    • No welding defects such as pores or cracks 
    • Joining of a wide variety of materials possible
    • Comparatively low heat input
    • High seam strength with minimal welding distortion 

    FSW guarantees cost-effectiveness

    • Economical joining of complex 3D geometries 
    • Material savings through component optimization
    • No consumables such as shielding gas or filler wire