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Niagara Falls,  ON 
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2015 Readers Choice Award for Health and Safety manufacturing Aluminized and Safety Apparell

2015 Entrepreneur of the Year Award,

Since 1983 International Sew Right manufactures and custom designs high quality safety clothing with a no minumum order.

As a #1 source of supply we listen to what you require and exceed your expectaions.

We have over 400 products ranging from;

Industrial Jackets, Leather Jackets, Cape Sleeve, Proximity Suits, Aluminied Jackets and Coats, Furnace hoods, Gloves, Mitts,Chaps, Leggings, Spats, Sleeves, Aprpons, Arabian Hats, Dust Hoods, Neck Guards, Shop Coats, Lab Coats, Sleevs, Parkas, Bomber Jackets,

Tarps and more.

Eack item can be customized with radio pockets, lanyard opening, or ventilated to suit your needs.

We work with high quality fabrics for each catagory; Aluminized, Arc Fals, Hi Vis, Fire Retardant, Leather, Cotton, Polycotton, Canvas, Pvc Treated, High Temperature, Spark Resistant,

Our job is to make your job easier  We can drop ship to any destination locally or Internationally.

International Sew Right goes above the standard to create a comfortable and safe garme  for you to return home safely.


 Press Releases

  • (Jan 25, 2016)

    In 2015 International Sew Right was honored with two awards ; Readers Choice for manufacturing aluminized and safety clothing and for Entrepreneur of the year award.

    Our team at International Sew Right takes pride  in Protecting you where you need it most. We will custom design with no minumum order.

    We will do all we can to make your job easier and more comfortable.

    Our CAD department will customize your items and save it for future orders , decreasing your stress and worries.

    We have over 400 products from you to choose from and can modify what you need to keep you safe and comfortable

    For further information please check out our website

    We look forward to hearing from you and helping you in anyway we can.


    Our safety clothing is sold Internationally

  • Since 1983 International Sew Right has been manufacturing and custom designing high quality safety garments and aluminized clothing.

    2015 Health and Safety customers voted International Sew Right as the #1 aluminized and apparel clothing manufacture

    2015 Entrepreneur of the Year Award

    Our high quality products "Protect you where you need it most to get home to your loved ones safely"

    We will customize your protection wear with no minumum order.

    Let us show you how we can help


  • Heated Hoodie with 4 levels of heat
    Heated Hoodie for men and women Comes with 4 levels of heat Battery and Battery charger...

  • This heated hoodie can keep you warm even on the coldest days.

    The only one on the market today with 4 levels of heat settings


  • Cooling shirts and Bottoms & Cooling Towels
    Cooling tops and bottoms are manufactured and have tubing throughout the garments. Battery packs and water bottles frozen can be changed within seconds. ...

  • Cooling suits help keep the heated area to a minumum and protect employees from heat exhaustion.

    Cooling towels and beanies are amazing and reusable. pour water on them wring them out and shake them, they keep you cool for hours and are washable