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Lenexa,  KS 
United States
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TECHNI Waterjet™ the leading innovator in 2D & 3D waterjet cutting machinery, has revolutionized the industry with the QUANTUM NXT™ (Electric Servo Pump). TECHNI Waterjet™ is a leading supplier of high pressure waterjet and abrasive waterjet cutting solutions all around the world. With a comprehensive range of size and options TECHNI Waterjet™ will find the perfect fit for your waterjet cutting needs. The Techjet-X3® "Premium" range of machines offers the highest quality & accuracy of waterjet machines available today. The 'Intec-G2® Value Series' of Waterjet Cutting Systems represents the greatest "VALUE" for money available in the world of profile abrasive waterjet cutting. TECHNI Waterjet™offers innovative solutions for your waterjet cutting needs such as our patented PAC™ 60 Five-Axis Cutting Head and our Tech-Sense™ technology, which makes "Walk Away" operating a reality.

 Press Releases

  • TECHNI Waterjet™ Lenexa, Kansas, has named Jeff McAleer as Service Manager for our North American Operations.  McAleer started as a Field Service Technician with TECHNI Waterjet in 2010 and became a Service Coordinator in 2014. His expertise and level of care made him an ideal candidate as a Service Manager for the U.S. Operations. His commitment is very much appreciated by our customers and contributed to develop engineering solutions to maintain our effort for continuous improvement.

    “I’ve been with TECHNI for 6 years and am excited to be a part of the Management Team. I’m looking forward to continued growth and increasing overall customer satisfaction,” stated McAleer.

    TECHNI is thrilled to have McAleer join TECHNI’s Management team to continue being the world's top manufacturer of highly reliable and innovative waterjet products.

    The 27-year-old world leading Waterjet Company produces and sells 2-D and 3-D waterjet cutting systems throughout the world and is the waterjet frontrunner in innovative technology.

  • TECHNI Waterjet™ presents the latest in Waterjet cutting technology, the new Rotary Axis which is a Direct Drive motor assembly capable of accurately (+/- 0.1 degrees) positioning and contouring a work piece under the cutting stream. The extreme accuracy of the TECHNI Waterjet™  Rotary Axis makes it ideal for precision applications such as Medical Components, while also powerful enough to rotate relatively large tubes (to 300mm diameter) for architectural and fabrication applications. The hollow bore will allow for bar feeding and automation applications up to 40mm diameter.

    • Manufactured from Corrosion Resistant Materials.

    • 40mm Diameter "Through Bore" for barfeed applications.

    • Integrated in Softec software for easy use with a TECHNI Waterjet™.

    • Capable of being retrofitted to most TECHNI Waterjet™ machines.

    • Extremely accurate (+/- 0.1 degree)

    • High Speed. Up to 120 RPM.


  • Quantum VP Electric Servo Pump
    TECHNI Waterjet™ announces a second line of electric servo pumps (ESPs), designed to address the requirements of today’s competitive manufacturing industry. TECHNI is pleased to introduce the Quantum VP 15/52 and VP 20/60....

  • Leading waterjet technology manufacturer TECHNI Waterjet™ announces a second line of electric servo pumps (ESPs), designed to address the requirements of today’s competitive manufacturing industry. TECHNI is pleased to introduce the Quantum VP 15/52 and VP 20/60.

    With one of the smallest footprints in the waterjet industry, the Quantum VP 15/52 is 51” x 21” x 42” and weighs 881 lbs.  The compact electric servo pumps are capable of delivering 52,000 & 60,000 PSI, with an Output Volume of 0.5 & 0.6 GPM respectively.

    As with all of TECHNI’s Quantum Electric Servo Pumps, the Quantum VP is less than 68 dBA, compared to an old fashioned hydraulic intensifier pump at 80 dBA, making the innovative Quantum VP 10x more quiet than the standard hydraulic pump.   

    Instead of relying on an inefficient hydraulic system, this breakthrough technology uses a servo motor to directly drive the plungers, resulting in up to 60% less power consumption than traditional Intensifier Pumps. Not only does the Quantum VP use less power, but the water consumption is also greatly reduced as the high efficiency servo motor requires minimal cooling. These two factors, as well as the reduced size, noise, and oil requirements, make the Quantum VP an environmentally friendly solution.   

    More information can be found on the company’s website,