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NTK is a global supplier of advanced cutting tool products with over 80 years of manufacturing expertise in research, development, and technological innovation we produce the most advanced highest-quality industry products that are a “real value” and deliver reliable manufacturing performance. Insert materials include BIDEMICS, Ceramic, CeramiX, Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN), Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD), and Micro-Grain Carbide grade inserts. A comprehensive line of holders, cutters, and end mills for traditional machine applications and unique tools designed for Swiss style CNC machines. Customers supply parts to a wide range of industries from Aerospace, Automotive, Electronic components, Energy, Heavy equipment, Medical / Dental, Steel mill, and Specialized components. We provide technical support to develop the best solution for the customer’s specific manufacturing job. 

Check out the NTK USA website: NTK Cutting Tools USA   (www.ntkcuttingtools.com/us)  to see our latest innovations.


  • NTK CeramiX 450 Grade
    NTK CeramiX 450 Insert Grade: Matches CBN Performance | Beats it on Price
    For finishing passes in continuous machining of parts with a hardness of 55 to 65HRC...

  • This game changing material developed by NTK for continuous finishing passes machining parts with a hardness of 55 to 65HRC. It succeeds in matching the performance characteristics of CBN with the added benefit of tooling cost reductions compared to the cost of CBN. A special TiAlN coating offers excellent wear resistance for hard turning applications. NTK450 easily runs at speeds from 330 to 660 SFM and can exceed this range during finishing operations on hardened materials.

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  • NTK BIDEMICS Grade 120
    New BIDEMICS – Grade 120: Finish High Temp Alloy parts at speeds of 1600 SFM...

  • Since the launch of this revolutionary cutting tool material in 2014, the BIDEMICS family of grades has greatly improved productivity for manufacturers. We are officially releasing NTK120 for continuous finishing cuts on HRSA parts. Increase part production with a cutting speed range of 700 to 1600 SFM. NTK120’s wear resistance provides performance and stable machining. Take control of valuable machine time by switching from slow CBN & carbide to BIDEMICS 120 to reduce cycle times to finish parts faster.

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  • Small Hexagon Socket Insert Geometries
    New Shaper Duo Line up Tooling for Small Hexagon Socket Machining...

  • The Shaper Duo series allows hexagon, square and hexalobular socket machining at a low cost and without any special equipment. NTK’s unique tools produce less tool pressure and consistent part tolerances, verses rotary-broaching, which is ideal for machining small diameter workpieces. The selection of hexagon socket insert tools now includes small versions for sockets sizes ranging from AF 1.0mm to 1.4mm.

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