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We are a digital automation company specializing in Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0) solutions for small, medium, and large enterprises. For over 20 years, manufacturers in 16 countries across multiple verticals have trusted our suite to digitally transform their operations.

Our low-cost BorgConnect® Smart Manufacturing Edge Platform, launching in this expo, is focussed on Small & Medium Manufacturers with “simple to implement” and “simple to use” no-code apps to optimize plant performance in 4 areas: energy, productivity, quality, & maintenance/asset.

We’ll also be showcasing our solutions for energy performance optimization (eC4) & asset performance optimization (Enterprise Gateway).

Visit us at Booth 720 to learn more.


  • eC4
    eC4 is an energy conservation, command and control platform that connects non-intrusively to plant equipment and proactively uncovers inefficiencies to ensure optimal energy use. eC4 continuously optimizes energy intensity!...

  • With eC4:

    1. Understand the breakdown of energy bills in a granular manner.
    2. Connect to electrical panels of individual machines (energy guzzlers in the plant), as well as water, air, gas, electric and steam digital meters/sensors.
    3. Monitor & Track energy consumption of the guzzlers in real-time.
    4. Baseline the "Business as Usual" energy consumption for each process/task/production schedule.
    5. Compare energy usage of similar plants / processes/ operational conditions. Identify energy wastage early.
    6. Predict energy profile for a planned production schedule/process/task.
    7. Recommend/Implement strategies to optimize the predicted energy profile.
    8. Identify power quality issues, minimize unplanned downtime, extend equipment life, and curb utility penalties.
    9. Compute energy cost/unit product to provide better estimates to clients.
    10. Be energy aware anywhere (mobile and web application); Take proactive actions - before energy is wasted, and save costs.

    At Booth 720, learn how eC4 has been used by manufactures of all sizes to save on energy costs - from a paint booth to legacy CNCs.

  • BorgConnect®
    A low-cost edge platform comprising DIY last-mile connectivity hardware & “easy to use” software providing actionable insights, via no-code customizable apps, to enhance manufacturing performance in production, quality, energy, & maintenance....

  • Simple-to-use, simple-to-implement, & simple-to-maintain, BorgConnect® allows you to:

    1. Connect to your factory in a few hours.
    2. Convert legacy machines into smart assets.
    3. Use minimal in-house IT resources & infrastructure.
    4. Practically adopt Industry 4.0 at low cost if you are a small & medium manufacturer, where the 4 apps are packaged in a low-cost offering called the Smart Manufacturing Bundle.

    The BorgConnect® edge platform comprises 2 components:

    • Edge Devices: connect directly to equipment, or to plant automation (e.g. PLCs, digital meters/sensors).
    • 4 Apps: Hosted in the smart edge devices and available for viewing in the BorgConnect® dashboard (can be on-site or in the cloud). The apps are for optimizing energy, quality, asset (maintenance), and production performance.

    BorgConnect® will be formally launched to the U.S. market at Booth 720 of the 2022 SM Experience show.

  • Enterprise Gateway
    Enterprise Gateway is an intelligent Asset Performance Management software solution that continuously drives excellence in asset performance. Specifically, it improves availability & reliability of plant assets in response to a dynamic production demand....

  • Using frictionless plant enterprise integration (e.g. SCADA to Maximo®), Enterprise Gateway (EG) ensures that dynamically occurring conditions on the plant floor are immediately translated into maintenance events (e.g. automated generation of work orders) to optimize asset performance.

    EG interfaces with humans via a simple EG Sync mobile application. EG sync facilitates opportunistic collaboration between different plant, enterprise stakeholders - thereby enabling effective, timely manual interventions to generate proactive actions to prevent failures.


    1. Proactively generate actions when asset performance becomes sub-optimal.
    2. Maintain a single system of maintenance record across the enterprise.
    3. Remove manual duplicated data entry into systems of record.
    4. Predicting asset behaviour in a future period to extend asset life.


    1. Unplanned Downtime reduction by 50-80%.
    2. Planned Downtime reduction by 15-30% annually.
    3. Failure rate reduced by 20% annually.
    4. Mean time to repair reduced by 15% annually.
    5. Critical spare-parts availability maintained at 100%.

    Visit us at Booth 720 to learn more about Enterprise Gateway.