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Palo Alto,  CA  94301

United States

We are excited to finally meet you again in person! Come by our booth and let us know how we can help you.

Mender is an end-to-end remote software update solution that manages and deploys updates to all device software over-the-air securely and efficiently.

Mender is open-source, supporting a variety of custom hardware and operating systems, it adheres to a security by design principles that looks to protect people, devices, and software. 

With Mender we provide flexibility in choosing your infrastructure, software, and hardware from prototyping to production which means there is no vendor lock-in. Mender supports all device updates, from a full disk image to application updates and provides the freedom to customize the update and installation process to fit your workflow. 

Advances features such as phased rollouts and delta updates allow Mender to be risk tolerant and highly efficient with updates. Mender offers also optional add-ons: Configure, Troubleshoot and Monitoring that help solve other device management use cases.

We also offer a variety of plans from Basic to Enterprise, contact us to know more!