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Augmentir™ is the world’s only provider of AI-based connected worker software.

The Augmentir platform is a suite of AI-powered connected worker tools that helps industrial companies optimize the safety, quality, and productivity of today’s rapidly changing industrial frontline workforce.

Augmentir’s AI-powered Digital Workflows deliver personalized guidance and support to enable every worker to perform at their personal best. Augmentir’s platform provides complete authoring tools that allow you to quickly convert your static paper-based or digital instructions into dynamic digital workflows, and use embedded AI to automatically personalize them to the needs of your individual workers.

Automatically generated, AI-based operational insights allow companies to identify productivity and workforce development opportunities, enabling targeted investments that maximize ROI. Worker insights help target training and mentoring for improving worker skills at the moment of need. Productivity insights focus continuous improvement teams on the areas with the largest capturable Opportunities throughout the organization.