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Stop-Painting provides organizational and safety solutions for businesses looking to increase their productivity and efficiency. Our extensive collection of products includes borders and corner markers, carpet tape, repeating message floor marking tape, pre-cut kits and traditional floor marking tapes.

The old way of marking your industrial floor was with paint – but painting takes too long to prep, apply and dry, and doesn't offer an easy solution when you need to change your workflow design, address a safety issue or handle floor marking maintenance. Floor marking tapes offer a simple solution and we are the market leaders in offering products to get your floors marked quickly and efficiently, with the most durable industrial adhesives.

Stop-Painting products and solutions help create more productive and safer workplaces by using clear signs, labels, markers, and tapes to organize your space. Our flagship product, Superior Mark Floor Tape has been researched and designed in-house, and we produce it ourselves at our plant in N.C. Superior Mark Floor Tape has a beveled edge and recessed adhesive that makes it the best industrial tape on the market.

 Press Releases

  • Insite Solutions (DBA announces the recent issue of U.S. Patent No. 10,214,664 to inventor and managing company director Cliff Lowe. The patent covers the proprietary design of the company’s Superior Mark® Floor Tape, specifically its beveled edge that allows industrial traffic to slide up and over the tape, rather than scrape up under the tape and cause damage and uplifting.

    “This latest patent further protects the hard work we put into researching and designing our unique floor tape product,” Lowe said. “This is our second patent concerning our Superior Mark tape and continues our ongoing goal to produce and offer the best floor tape on the market.”

    What makes Superior Mark® Floor Tape worthy of a patent? InSite Solutions began the application process for this patent in 2004. Many industrial facilities use floor tape to provide outlines for work areas, pedestrian or mobile machinery paths and other visual cues to increase employee safety and productivity. Most floor tape has a flat 90-degree edge that makes it easy to be scraped up with normal heavy industrial traffic. Superior Mark® Floor Tape’s patent claims it’s angled, or “beveled” edge limits damage to the tape and thus the need to replace it as often as other tapes.

    Insite Solutions currently has five patents in its patent portfolio, all relating to the design of industrial floor or pavement marking products.

    Lowe said his company is proud to announce this latest patent. “It’s no small feat to obtain a U.S. patent, but it’s an important step in protecting our ideas and the time and money we put into researching and developing a superior product,” Lowe said. “We are positive the design of our Superior Mark® Floor Tape will make a difference in how it stands up to the competition’s tape and sets it apart from any other floor marking product out there.”

    InSite Solutions manufactures Superior Mark® Floor Tape in its Wake Forest facility and sells its products throughout the U.S., primarily through an e-commerce site,

    About InSite Solutions/ is the industry leader for floor and pavement marking products and safety signs. They research, design and manufacture many of the products they sell. The company’s vast inventory of products includes rolls of tape, footsteps, pallet corner markers, directional arrows and many more visual cues that increase workplace safety and productivity.


    Cliff Lowe, InSite Solutions Managing Director

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  • Superior Mark Floor Tape
    Superior Mark Floor Tape is the most durable floor tape on the market. We design and manufacture it ourselves in our N.C. facility.
    With its unique beveled edge, this tape resists dragging and offers maximum durability for industrial traffic....

  • is the industry leader for floor marking products and safety signs. We research, design and manufacture our own products and our incredibly durable floor tape is the best on the market.
    Our BEVELED EDGE keeps heavy traffic and equipment from getting underneath the tape, and instead guides traffic, up and over, the tape. This helps the tape last longer than other floor marking tapes.
    Our recessed adhesive and convenient liner make application and pulling up easy and efficient.
    Our large inventory of products include rolls of tape, footsteps, pallet corner markers, directional arrows and many more visual cues that increase facility productivity. All products can be customized with messaging, colors, size and even logos.

    Lean and 5S

    Whether you’re looking for ideas on how to start implementing a Lean work space or facility or are looking for a way to take your current designs to another level, we’ve got products that can help.

    As advocates for the visual workplace and Lean and 5S initiatives, we've developed and produced products that offer solutions for increased productivity, safety and efficiency. In fact, many of our products are designed and developed specifically to help companies that are striving to implement Lean practices. All are aimed at helping our clients provide a visually instructive workplace – which increases efficiency and safety for employees. We want our clients to go beyond the status quo and utilize products that convey the best messages to guide employees to the most productive and efficient work flow.

    Painting versus Foor Tape

    For many businesses, floor markings are a must for optimum productivity. This means using visual cues, signs and floor markings to direct employees and equipment in the most efficient and safe way, all in an effort to keep waste low and productivity high.

    In the past, painting concrete floors in industrial settings was the preferred way to mark floors. This method usually involves shutting down the facility, prepping floors which may involve scraping or blasting, meticulous painting and drying and curing times. The entire process can take up to a week, depending on your manpower and square footage.

    Another option is using floor tape. This method is popular because companies frequently change paths or placements of floor markings as workflow needs change. For instance, if a company gets a new piece of equipment that must be added into the workflow, existing equipment is shifted to make room. This will usually create a need for updated floor markings.

    In addition to changing floor marking layouts, marked floors in a production facility –whether with paint or tape – are going to experience degradation due to equipment traffic and/or pallet dragging. So planning ahead on how these floors will be marked and maintained is a given to keep safety standards and productivity levels high.

    Floor tape can be easily applied, pulled up and reapplied to a new area or pathway or to repair damaged tape – making it a better solution than painting.

    Advantages of floor marking over painting lines are:

    • Less time for labor and installation
    • No costly shutdown during installation
    • No need for aggressive treatment of floor before application – which may damage floor
    • Ease of modification if lines need to be moved
    • Impactful messages can be applied to floor tape increasing the visual instruction value of the markings.

    Floor tape is a much more efficient process to implement and maintain.

    Once you've decided to use tape to mark your floors, you have to choose what tape to utilize. Most floor marking tape on the market is cheaply produced, costs about $5 a roll and easily stretches and tears.

    We believe that using cheap vinyl tape is not the answer for companies looking to be efficient and productive. Our company was built around the idea that there is a better solution for marking floors. Our flagship product, Superior Mark™ floor tape, is the perfect solution. With patented beveled edges and a recessed adhesive, Superior Mark™ tape is more resistant to being pulled up by forklifts or dragging pallets than competing tapes. We manufacture Superior Mark™ tape in-house, using heavy duty PVC, which makes it dirt resistant, easy to clean and makes it easily removed in one piece. Competing tapes have an average of 3 mils thickness, while Superior Mark Tape is 32 mls thick.

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