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JW Winco is a leading source for metric and inch standard parts for industry. The company has an extensive selection of adjustable levers, cabinet U-handles, hinges and locking mechanisms, revolving and retractable handles, handwheels, hand cranks, conveyor components, leveling mounts, hand knobs, ball and indexing plungers, fixture and fastening components, toggle clamps, casters and wheels, universal joints, oil sight glasses, and much more.

 Press Releases

  • Pneumatic toggle clamps fix workpieces in place, position mechanisms and hold molds together. In this way, they not only simplify handling, they also enable fully automated processes. JW Winco offers a number of flexible solutions for this purpose.

    Toggle clamps of the series GN 860 and GN 862 feature an important unique property: Using the over-center principal, which provides a positive lock during closing, the retaining force is maintained even after loss of pressure at the cylinder. The low-wear design as well as the option to detect the position of the clamping element by means of magnetic sensors offer additional dependability. The retaining force itself is transmitted to the clamping point by a clamping arm or piston rod. A hybrid toggle clamp employs a hand lever to combine manual closing with pneumatic opening – an important feature for clamping applications requiring individual clamping but simultaneous, fast and automated releasing.

    The compact power clamps of series GN 864 and higher are also designed to remain in the clamped position after a pressure loss. The sophisticated kinematics ensures that the setting action is fast while the actual clamping movement takes place slowly, making pneumatic end stop dampening unnecessary. The available types differ in terms of their clamping motions and are each sold in four sizes with astonishingly high retaining forces of up to 13,300 newtons. These clamps feature high stability, long lifespan and low compressed air consumption. The offering is rounded out by various mounting options and a large range of accessories from adjustment plates and blanks for individual jaw shapes to directly attachable proximity switches.

    The swing clamps of the series GN 875 / GN 876 perform two motions: The clamping arm first rotates by 90 degrees from its resting position, then travels in a linear motion down onto the workpiece in the actual clamping stroke. Thanks to the rotary movement, either to the left or the right, the workpiece remains accessible from above, allowing it to be positioned and removed directly. The freely selectable mounting brackets as well as the various clamping arm designs allow the clamps to be adapted to the specific situation. There is even a completely customizable adapter flange. The swivel clamps are available in block design with T-groove mounts for end stop sensors or in a compact design with male thread which can be easily mounted in a height adjustable fashion using a threaded adapter flange.

  • JW Winco is expanding its mounting clamps selection with new elements that will ensure simpler, more optimal and more flexible clamping of system-specific components.

    The mounting clamps selection of JW Winco has always been designed with universal use in mind, and the individual elements feature correspondingly versatile designs. The robust system enables the fast, reliable and modifiable mounting of additional components in plants and machines. The classic applications for these parts include, for example, the stable attachment of sensors while still permitting easy adjustment of their position and coverage area. 

    As with all standard parts in the JW Winco portfolio, the mounting clamps selection is constantly being optimized and expanded to make them more efficient, simpler to use and easier to integrate. As many users have utilized the twistable two-way mounting clamps GN 475 to arrange attachment rods in parallel, JW Winco was inspired by this application to create the mounting clamps GN 474.1 with two parallel clamping holes.   

    The new retaining rods GN 480.3 and GN 480.5 of stainless steel also help make the system easier to use as their offset or angled shape eliminates the need to combine multiple straight elements. Thanks to its barbed fitting, the hose adapter GN 480.7 permits the direct connection of hoses on one side and thread-based mounting of an outlet nozzle on the other side. As a result, lubricants, coolant or  compressed air are transported more effectively to the parts of a system where they are needed. 

    Also new in the mounting clamps range: T-clamp, base plate and simple swivel mounting clamps can be assembled into a freely configurable articulated mounting clamps using the clamping kit GN 511.1. The clamping kit centers and connects the two mounting clamps with a screw or adjustable hand lever such that they are still free to swivel. But even used individually, the swivel mounting clamps offer a wide range of fastening and mounting options.  Because JW Winco always has the user in mind, all mounting clamps of a given nominal size can be mounted using the same tool; even the fastening and clamping holes have identical dimensions. This allows changes to be made without the need to drill new holes. JW Winco goes another step further with the retaining magnet GN 51.6, which makes holes entirely obsolete. An integrated thread establishes the connection with various mounting clamps – this makes the rubber-coated magnet ideal for temporary installations on sensitive surfaces.

    You can find more information Online at www.jwwinco.com.

  • With a pore size of 1.2 µm, oleophobic and hydrophobic membranes GN 7404 provide reliable aeration and ventilation, allowing no dirt particles or droplets of oil or water to pass through the membrane.

    In order to compensate for pressure differences in both directions, JW Winco already offers various aeration and ventilation elements with integrated filters and sieves. As a new change to its product line-up, JW Winco now also offers elements equipped with membranes alongside these standard parts. This makes it possible to prevent even smaller particles and, above all, oil and water droplets from passing through the ventilation openings. Dirt and moisture are kept away from the inside of the housing, and lubricants such as oils cannot escape. While the previous filter and sieve elements have a minimum mesh size of 100 µm, the standard membrane pores are only 1.2 µm in size. 

    Externally, the robust membrane is additionally protected against mechanical stress by a protective sieve made of stainless steel. Ideally, the standard part GN 7404 should be installed in vertical surfaces so that no liquids can collect on the membrane, which could impair the pressure balance. At a nominal differential pressure P1 to P2 of 1 bar, the maximum air flow – depending on the diameter – is up to 34 l/min. The membrane even retains its function up to an external pressure differential of 2 bar or an internal pressure differential of up to 10 bar. The maximum operating temperature is 212 °F (100 °C). 

    The membranes themselves are made of a nylon fleece impregnated with an acrylic copolymer, and although the fibers are wetted, the porosity remains unchanged and can range between 0.2 and 10 µm if desired. 

    Using a special process, the membrane is robustly bonded to a plastic ring socket by injection molding so that it can be firmly inserted into the stainless steel or aluminum screw fittings, sealed by an O-ring.
    You can find more information Online at www.jwwinco.com.


  • Flat Adjustable Tension Levers
    GN 126 and GN 126.1 flat adjustable tension levers are characterized by their low height and are an ideal choice whenever swiveling in a confined space is required. They have recently received the iF Design Award for outstanding design...

  • The GN 126 flat adjustable tension levers are characterized by their low height, manufactured from zinc die-cast and finished with a durable powder coating, and are an ideal choice whenever swiveling in a confined space is required or the lever has to be clamped in a particular position. By means of a recess on the underside of the lever, they reliably fit the hand of the user and guarantee pleasant actuation of the indexing mechanism. The sophisticated function of the serrated teeth enables smooth engagement and adjustment of the flat tension lever. Where required, the same zinc die-cast flat adjustable lever is also available with stainless steel components under the series of GN 126.1.
  • Design Award Cabinet U Handles
    JW Winco's GN 328 and GN 428 Cabinet "U" Handles Aluminum, are recognized for their stability, and ergonomic grip, these handles are made from solid aluminum and reflect the latest developments in industrial design....

  • The Series GN 328 and GN 428 are cabinet U handles from JW Winco, Inc., they are made from solid aluminum and are available with either tapped or through holes. Being recognized for their stability and ergonomic design, the handles prove to reflect the latest developments in industrial design. The GN 428 is available in 6 lengths with either anodized or powder-coated surfaces. The GN 328 is a smaller version of the handles, offered in 2 sizes with powder coated or polished surfaces.

  • T-Handle Ball Lock Pins
    WN 100.1 T-handle ball lock pins have a wide range of applications in fastening, locating, and alignment applications....

  • JW Winco's new WN 100.1 T-Handle Rapid Release Pins have a wide range of applications in fastening and locating of workpieces and equipment. The pins will not release until the button on the T-handle is depressed. Once the button is depressed, the balls retract into the shank allowing the pin to be inserted or removed into or out of a hole.
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