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Pro Ultrasonics is the leader in precision ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Our high-performance, quality-built equipment comes in a variety of sizes ranging from small tabletop models to large capacity industrial units. Most of our units are self-contained with filtration and surface skimming - ideal for cell manufacturing. We can custom design and build the perfect system for your unique cleaning challenges, including multiple tanks, agitating lift tables, and automation.

Using our cleaning systems will increase productivity, dramatically reduce cleaning times, reduce labor, minimize hazardous waste, and give you the cleanest part possible! GO GREEN with our eco-friendly, aerospace approved, non-hazardous cleaning solutions, which reduces your worker's exposure to hazardous materials and is safe for the environment, too.

Stop by our booth to see ultrasonic cleaning in action, or, better yet, bring some of your parts to the show and let us clean them for you!

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 Press Releases

  • Pro Ultrasonics announces their newest model of ultrasonic cleaning equipment – the Pro 2013DT3A.  Set a basket of dirty parts on the motorized load platform, and go be productive.  In a few minutes, return to find your basket of clean parts waiting on the motorized unload platform – washed, rinsed, and dried without losing any valuable production time or using any labor!  Take a look at your next “employee” in action in this brief demo video: 


  • Pro 2013 D2
    Two tanks, oil skimming, filtration, lots of ultrasonic power, on wheels - take the cleaning to the job! Holds 23 gallons, 120V, and each tank is 20" x 13" x 14"....

  • Pro 2013 D2

    Dimensions (with lids open): 104" long x 30" wide x 36" high

    Cleaning tanks (each): 20" long x 13" wide x 14" high

    Total liquid capacity: 23 gallons

    Ultrasonic Power: 2400 watts peak / 1200 watts avg.

    Heat Power: 2000 watts

    Surface skimming + Dual filtration

    Electrical Requirements: 208-220 V, single phase or 3-phase

  • Pro 2013 DT3A
    Fully automated, complete cleaning system. Set down a basket of dirty parts, and return to find your basket of clean parts – washed, rinsed, and dried. Brief demo video:

  • Baskets of dirty parts go on the loading platform. System automatically moves basket through wash and rinse cycles and to the unloading platform for drying. Set up to 10 different cleaning cycles with the PLC touch screen.

    Each cleaning tank (3): 20" long x 13" wide x 14" high and 23-gallon capacity

    Surface skimming and dual filtration

    Forced hot air dryer with filter

    Electrical: 208V 3-phase

  • Pro 4230 LT
    Industrial workhorse, with agitating lift tables, 500-pound capacity, surface skimming and dual filtration. Cleaning tank holds 120 gallons and measures 42" x 30" x 18"....

  • Pro 4230LT

    Dimensions: 68" long x 56" wide x 75" high

    Cleaning tank: 42" long x 30" wide x 18" deep

    Total Liquid Capacity: 120 gallons

    Ultrasonic Power: 10,800 watts peak / 5,400 watts avg.

    Heat Power: 6,000 watts (2 x 3,000 watt heating elements)

    Lift Table: 500 lbs. capacity (70 psi required)

    Agitation: Automatic or Manual

    Surface Skimming + Dual Filtration

    Electrical Requirements: 208-240V, 3-phase

    Optional: "Pro Cooler Flush System"

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