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ATAGO® means quality. Throughout 80 years of expertise in providing innovative solutions and quality instruments, ATAGO® listens and responds to customers’ demand in more than 155 countries. 

To accommodate a multitude of scenes, we have portable, benchtop, or in-line systems for you to choose from. Whether measuring Brix, salinity, coolant, viscosity, pH, etc., let us know! Our instruments will add to your IoT generated workflows. For inquiries, please contact us at or at 425-637-2107. Visit for more detailed information!

 Press Releases

  • ATAGO, with over 79 years of industry experience in optical instrument manufacturing, released yet another revolutionizing instrument, a pH meter that is compact and portable. The new pH meter, PAL-pH encompassed in the familiar body of ATAGO’s PAL series, has a special sample stage that encaptures the glass electrode and reference electrode while keeping the flat surface area where samples can be transferred and applied to. The simple structure provides easy cleanup after each use, and it can be stored away without submerging the electrode in a buffer solution. Food contamination during food processing is detrimental. The cup-style pH meter does not require to dip the fragile electrode probe directly into the sample, instead, one can simply transfer 0.6mL of sample that is merely 12 droplets. The measurement displays within 3 seconds after the start button is pressed. When calibrating the instrument, 3-point calibration is done with 0.6mL solution that takes approximately 10 seconds each. The PAL-pH features the NFC wireless communication to easily transfer up to 100 measurement data with datestamp. The time spent to write measurements can be spent elsewhere, while maintaining confidentiality and validity of data with direct transfer capability. The data can be extracted to Android or iOS devices and computers. The temperature compensation feature eliminates the need for tedious manual adjustment.

    For more information, please visit or contact us at customerservice(at)atago-usa(dot)com.


    Monitor Brix concentration automatically and continuously with the CM-TANKα FER (#3567)....

  • Monitor Brix concentration automatically and continuously with the CM-TANKα FER (#3567). The newest addition to the ATAGO inline series, this unit can be installed directly to the tank with ferrule type. Save time and labor by switching to an inline - no need to manually monitor the measurements! We know your time is valuable - let ATAGO units do the work for you!

    The CM-TANKα FER has 2 options for easy cleaning of the unit. With the ferrule type, easily remove and wash the unit when needed, or clean with the US- α! Recently released, US-α (titanium) is now available. This accessory prevents debris from accumulating on the CM unit. Sample buildup may result in accurate measurements; eliminate this problem with the US- α! Easily and accessibly fit the US- α with ATAGO inline series. For inquiries, please contact us at 

  • PAL-1 NFC
    The PAL-1 (#3810) is a digital handheld refractometer used in a variety of industries including manufacturing....

  • The PAL-1 (#3810) digital handheld refractometer is a standard in the industrial manufacturing sector. Announced in 2018, the most beloved Brix meter, PAL-1, is now equipped with NFC (near field communication). This allows one to transfer measurement data straight from the PAL-1 unit to their phone or any NFC equipped device. No more pen or paper required to take down measurements, saving tremendous time! This also eliminates typical human error made during data collecting, as the NFC feature allows you to log each trial with accurate date and time. *Most PAL and PR units are now equipped with this NFC feature. 
  • PAL-pH
    The PAL-pH (#4311) is a portable digital refractometer that measures pH level up to 14.00....

  • The PAL-pH (#4311) is a portable digital pH meter that measures up to 14.00. Following the beloved PAL series, the PAL-pH is encompassed in a similar body. With a flat sample stage, this makes it easier to clean. Not only that, but avoid the possibility of cross contamination, unlike the dipping style pH meters! The average cost of replacing probes on a typical pH meter is around $50 to $100. With PAL-pH, no probe replacement guaranteed! Maintenance free for at least 3 years - save tremendously on running costs! For more information or to try out a free demo, contact us at
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