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For seven decades Mate Precision Technologies has designed, developed and manufactured innovative tooling and workholding solutions for increasing metal working factory productivity worldwide.

Mate especially understands your CNC workholding challenges. Using our decades of machining experience producing precision, high quality steel products for customers worldwide, Mate designed and developed the ultimate zero point 52/96 workholding system.

Designed for 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC machining centers, Mate’s 52/96 workholding technology of vises, bases and mounting systems maximize holding power in a compact, quick-change modular design that reduces setup time and process variability.

Serving our customers is at the core of who we are. Your Mate representatives, experts who know from experience what happens on the shop floor, provide our legendary in-field support. Mate customer service is ready to assist with fast quotes, guiding your order on to our top-notch machinists and shipping pros.

 Press Releases

  • Minneapolis, July 26, 2021 — Mate Precision Technologies, a global leader in metalworking solutions, has announced that it will begin accepting orders for their new 52/96 zero-point workholding system on July 26. Product shipments will begin the week of July 26. The system includes vises, bases, and mounting systems which aremanufactured in Minnesota.

    Comprehensive Workholding Representative Network

    To ensure exceptional service and support, Mate has built a network of independent representatives across North America and Europe. These representatives are fully trained and supported by experienced in-house customer service staff to help find the right solutions for specific workholding needs. Workholding representative information is available on the Mate Representative Locator.

    Made for Metalheads

    Over the past seven decades, Mate designed nearly ten thousand custom workholding solutions to produce high-quality products for its global customer base.  As a result, Mate knows exactly what machinists are looking for in a precision workholding system. Mate’s machinists and product engineers worked together to develop vises, bases, and mounting systems with a new level of innovation and quality to precisely meet machinists’ needs.

    Engineered to maximize holding power for 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining centers, Mate workholding not only reduces setup times and process variability, it offers best-in-class accuracy and repeatability in a compact, quick change, modular design.

    Mate’s workholding system includes:

    • Mate DynoGrip™ self-centering vises feature maximum holding power in a compact system with minimal part movement and zero-point quality engagement with a rigid four-post pull stud pattern. The vises come in 13 sizes and 3 widths.
    • Mate DynoLock™ quick change bases provide zero-point quality engagement with the same four-post stud pattern and best-in-class holding power, center accuracy and repeatability and is available in 11 size variations.
    • Mate DynoMount™ system expands machine capacity and flexibility with tombstones, pyramids, risers, and dual right-angle mounts that feature the same zero-point quality engagement for four-point stud patterns.

    The Mate 52/96 workholding system includes QuickSpecs™, Mate’s unique product identification system, allowing real-time access to critical user data, CAD models, and potential integration into business systems. Additionally, the product supports common robotic interfaces and palletizing systems to support factory automation.  The Mate workholding system is backed by sophisticated technical support, unsurpassed product quality, responsive customer service, and Mate’s industry-leading 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. More information is available online:

    To order Mate workholding or to get a quote, contact (763) 421-0230, (800) 328-4492 or email

    About Mate Precision Technologies

    Founded in 1962, Mate is a world-class manufacturer of superior solutions for the metalworking industry. Mate manufactures workholding, CNC punch press tooling and press brake tooling in its 300,000 square foot Anoka, Minn., facility. It also offers a complete line of laser consumables. Mate products and services are available worldwide, fully supported by more than 80 dealers in every industrialized country. Mate’s mission is to personally Respect, Support and Inspire metalworking professionals around the world with high-quality products and services for factory productivity.


  • Mate DynoGrip™ Vises
    Mate DynoGrip™ self-centering vises are engineered to shorten set-up time and reduce process variability....

  • Product Highlights:

    • Maximum holding power in a compact form with minimal part lift
    • Best-in-class accuracy of vise clamping on center to ±0.015mm (±0.0006”)
    • Best-in-class repeatability of vise return to center of 0.006mm (0.00025”)
    • Quick change jaws, reversible and interchangeable
    • Black Diamond™ surface treatment on vise body, pushers and jaws for maximum life
    • Jaws made from highly-alloyed, tool steel (core hardness 45-50 HRC, surface hardness up to 65HRC)
    • Zero Point quality engagement with 52mm and 96mm four post pull stud pattern
    • Compatible with other mounting systems or mount directly to the machine bed
    • Mate's QuickSpecs 2D bar code tag that is smartphone enabled and 3D graphic supported, with links to full product specs and CAD files
    • Available in 13 size variations
    • Patents Pending
    • Made in USA
  • Mate DynoLock™ Bases
    Mate’s DynoLock quick change base system is the foundation of your workholding and the key to superior productivity. With best-in-class accuracy and repeatability, DynoLock maintains a superior holding force with the top tool....

  • Product highlights:

    • Best-in-class accuracy - engaging top tool on center to ±0.013mm (±0.0005”)
    • Best-in-class repeatability - engagement of top tool to same location 0.002mm (0.00008”)
    • Best in-class holding force - secure hold of top tool. Force required to separate top tool 0.013mm (0.0005”) from 52 base is greater than 22kN (5000lbf) and 26kN (6000lbf) in 96 base
    • Lowest input torque to output force
    • Pull studs are firmly secured and held by a collar which has superior holding functionality
    • Zero Point quality engagement as all four pull studs are drawn to the base center for superior accuracy
    • Mate's QuickSpecs 2D bar code tag that is smartphone enabled and 3D graphic supported, with links to full product specs and CAD files
    • Available in 11 size variations
    • Patents Pending
    • Made in USA
  • Mate DynoMount™ Mounts
    Tombstones, Dual Right Angles, Pyramids and Risers designed for use with Mate DynoLock 52 family and 96 family bases....

  • Product Features:

    • Tombstones and Pyramids use a chambered design for weight reduction and include a hoist ring lift for easy loading and unloading
    • Dual right angle mounts can be set up and used on one or both sides
    • Risers are available with a total 60mm (2.36") or 100mm (3.94") additional height
    • All DynoMount mounts are compatible with some competitor bases when used with applicable bushings and hardware
    • All DynoMount mounts feature Mate's QuickSpecs 2D bar code tag that is smartphone enabled and 3D graphic supported, with links to full product specs and CAD files
  • Mate 52/96 Zero Point Workholding System
    The Mate 52/96 zero point workholding system maximizes holding power in a compact, quick change modular design that reduces setup time and process variability. It is ideal for 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining centers....

  • Increase your factory productivity with the all new, next generation 52/96 zero point workholding system from Mate Precision Technologies: Mate DynoGrip™ Vises, Mate DynoLock™ Bases and Mate DynoMount™ Mounts  and Accessories.

    A zero point system, Mate 52/96 workholding is compatible with similar systems, including 52mm and 96mm four
    post pull stud configurations from Lang, Jergens, 5th Axis, Gerardi and others. The vises also accept a single pull stud configuration for compatibility with Schunk, Big Kaiser and others. By using the appropriate adapter, Mate 52/96 zero point vises are easily modified to work with systems from SMW, Erowa, System 3R and others.

    With an eye to factory automation, the Mate 52/96 zero point workholding system includes QuickSpecs™, a unique product identification system that provides real-time access to product information and potential integration into your business systems. Additionally, the product supports common robotic interfaces and palletizing systems.

    Made in the USA. Made for people who respect well-made, quality products. Made for machinists by machinists.

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