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3D metrology plays a tremendous role in product design, manufacturing, production, and maintenance.  It helps us decipher what the naked eye cannot and allows us to monitor trends to predict future issues.  Metrology is the process that validates the parts, and the parts that create the parts, to ensure all are within tolerance and meet design intent. 

Capture 3D, headquartered in Santa Ana, California is the GOM GmbH partner in the USA since 1997. They have several locations nationwide with 3D Measurement Technology Centers.  As an industry leader in 3D optical non-contact measurement solutions we will help you gain more knowledge about your engineering processes, so you can quantify what is actually going on to solve engineering issues, prevent future problems, optimize workflows, eliminate wasteful costs/rework, and improve product quality while accelerating ROI.


  • ATOS 5 - Non-contact Blue Light 3D Scanners
    Game changer in 3D scanning technology with high-speed and high accuracy
    Developed for industrial use, the ATOS 5 delivers high-precision data in a short measuring time even under harsh conditions....

  • Capture 3D is bringing its most popular advanced 3D scanning solutions for product development, manufacturing, and production to SOUTHTEC. Among them is the ATOS 5— a powerful digitizer that features high-tech measurement cameras and a speckle-free bright blue LED light source to collect up to 12-million points per scan in as fast as 0.2 seconds. Available in three models, including the ATOS 5, ATOS 5 Airfoil, and ATOS 5X, this accurate blue light 3D scanner captures high-quality data that unlocks accelerated digitizing and inspection capabilities for digital twin and Quality 4.0 strategies.

    Each model of the ATOS 5 includes GOM Software, allowing for the import of MBD/PMI data, parametric inspection, GD&T analysis, and more for a true Quality 4.0 experience. To see the ATOS 5 line of accurate blue light 3D scanners and learn more about Capture 3D's advanced metrology solutions, visit booth #628. 

  • GOM ScanCobot
    GOM ScanCobot is a mobile measuring station with a collaborative robot, a motorized rotation table and powerful software....

  • Capture 3D has recently announced the availability of the GOM ScanCobot, a mobile automated 3D scanning system, that integrates with GOM’s blue light 3D scanners ATOS Q and ATOS Core. With support from GOM’s intelligent software, users can create efficient automation routines that produce precise, accurate, and repeatable measurement results without any prior knowledge about robotics programming required.

    Providing an affordable solution to automation investment, the GOM ScanCobot makes advanced technology accessible to companies of all sizes, providing a gateway to Digital Twin, digital engineering, rapid manufacturing, Quality 4.0, and automation strategies.

    To learn more about Capture 3D's advanced metrology solutions, visit booth #628. 

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