You’re invited to the Working Ranch Expo!

December 8,9 and 10th / Las Vegas Convention Center

Howdy Neighbor, We’re excited to produce the Working Ranch Expo right smack dab in the middle of NFR! Las Vegas is a night time kind-of-town, which is why we’re producing the Expo to help fill your days with useful exhibits and camaraderie with fellow ranchers from around the nation. In addition to a great line-up of exhibitors, we’re also producing the Working Ranch University chalk full of terrific short seminars that just may change the way you ranch! These seminars will run throughout the day, no reservation needed: just mosey on over to the back of the trade show floor and take a seat.

Here’s a sneak peek at the seminar line-up:

The following is a sampling of seminar topics which are subject to additions and/or changes. If your company has a seminar topic and/or speaker they would like to submit, please let us know. Thanks! 

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8 (Doors open 11 am - 4 pm)

Coffee Shop 
Visit with Dr. Arn Anderson and Dr. Tommy Perkins
1:30 pm Five Causes of Farm and Ranch Failures and how to Avoid Them All        
- Dallas Mount, Ranch Management Consultants
2:15 pm Short Handed? Here's how to find the help you need now! It's Ag's version of Zip Recruiter!
2:45 pm Why Is My Neighbor Getting More $$$ Per Head Than Me?
Enrolling your calves in a certified program might help you pocket more cash

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9 (Doors open 9 am - 4 pm) (Come early at 8 am for Cowboy Bible Study)

8:00 am Bible Study Ranching and Relationships - Understanding the Five Love Languages can help your family thrive
- Monica McConkey
9:30 am Water and the WEST - Just how safe are your water rights? Are you sure?
11:00 am ANIMAL HEALTH HOUR - 20 min presentations
Send Parasites Packing!
 -  Understanding is the first step toward an outbound ticket
- Dr. Joe Gillespie DVM, Boehringer Ingelheim
Work With Me Here -  The qualified veterinarian can help, but they need full access 
- Dr. Arn Anderson DVM
Chuteside Wonder Tool -  The new Whisper on Arrival from Merck takes the slack out of processing 
- Dr. Jason Nickell DVM, Merck Animal Health
1:30 pm Under the Weather? Ranching's respected Meterologist Don Day helps us make sense of those critical weather patterns
2:45 pm Re-imagining the Beef Case - How Walmart and 44 Farms are reshaping the beef industry and how you can cash in, too       
- Lamar Steiger

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10 (Doors open 9 am - 4)

9:30 am Bank on This! Are you getting the most out of your banking / financier relationship?
11:00 am SEAL the Deal - One Special OPS Veteran's journey from the chaos of combat to the serenity of the saddle
Speaker: Greg Putnam, Little Belt Cattle Company
12:15 pm "I'm Going Start My Own Cattle Operation!"
A candid visit with two young beef producers who started with nothing, and what you can learn from their dream come true
2:00 pm Consider the Calves to Come - A good nutrition program for the calves-to-come can set your herd up for solid long-term production.
-Dr. Robby Bondurant and Dr. Kelly Sanders, Westway Feed Products Technical Team